Saturday, May 21, 2016

Thank You

***It's Armed Forces Day, a day set aside to thank all those who serve in our military.

America appreciates you.

***You just can't make this stuff up - DiCaprio takes private jet an extra 8000 to collect environmental award.

I don't think they even see the hypocrisy. They're so important, so above the rest of us that allowances must be made. The rest of us are supposed to sacrifice for the planet, but not those who go around looking down their noses at us, sneering that we're not doing enough. Nothing worse than a bunch of rich liberals trying to be relevant.

***Life in the 1800s. This is interesting.

Food: Because these innovations in transportation were still in their infancy in 1815, however, most Americans ate what they grew or hunted locally. Corn and beans were common, along with pork. In the north, cows provided milk, butter, and beef, while in the south, where cattle were less common, venison and other game provided meat. Preserving food in 1815, before the era of refrigeration, required smoking, drying, or salting meat. Vegetables were kept in a root cellar or pickled.
For those who had to purchase their food, one record notes the following retail prices in 1818 in Washington, D.C.: beef cost 6 to 8 cents a pound, potatoes cost 56 cents a bushel, milk was 32 cents a gallon, tea 75 cents to $2.25 a pound. Shoes ran $2.50 a pair. Clothing expenses for a family of six cost $148 a year, though the record does not indicate the quality of the clothes.

Lots more at the link.

***Heard about the Obama/Holder crimes? Probably not, if you get your news from America's major news media.

They should both go to jail...but you & I know they won't.


You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today. ~~ Abraham Lincoln

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today. Abraham Lincoln
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