Sunday, March 6, 2016

Race Getting Tighter

***Well, there's still hope that Trump can be stopped.

At the end of the night, Cruz has gained 64 delegates, Trump 49, Rubio 13, and Kasich 9. This brings Cruz to 295 delegates, behind Trump's 378. Of the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination, Trump now has 30.5 percent, Cruz has 23.8 percent, Rubio has 9.9 percent, and Kasich has 2.7 percent. It's still early, but this is really starting to look like a two-person race between Trump and Cruz.

Kasich is actually a good candidate, but I think he's too far behind now. I think Cruz is our best chance now. Can't help thinking that we could have had Scott Walker and blew it.

***Well looky here - Mr. Environment Leonardo DiCaprio living it up on the new Titanic. Hey, being
"environmentally conscious" is for the little people, you know? Hypocrisy, thy name is Hollywood liberal.

***This is what we've become. What a shame.

Men should have the same right as women to decide not be parents, according to a controversial new proposal from the Liberal Party’s youth wing in western Sweden (LUF Väst).

Men who don’t want to become fathers should be permitted to have a “legal abortion” up to the 18th week of a woman’s pregnancy, say the young liberals.
The cut-off date coincides with the last week in which a woman can terminate a pregnancy in Sweden.
“This means a man would renounce the duties and rights of parenthood,” LUF Väst chairman Marcus Nilsen told The Local.
By signing up for a “legal abortion” then, a man would not have to pay maintenance for his child, but neither would he have any right to meet the child.
The group believes “legal abortion” for men would promote equality between the sexes in the early stages of a pregnancy, giving men a chance to opt out. Women would also benefit if they knew from the get-go whether a man was willing to commit to parenthood, the young liberals say.

Men who don't want to become parents should use birth control or keep their pants zipped. God help us.


Fairy Song

The moonlight fades from flower and rose
And the stars dim one by one;
The tale is told, the song is sung,
And the Fairy feast is done.
The night-wind rocks the sleeping flowers,
And sings to them, soft and low.
The early birds erelong will wake:
'T is time for the Elves to go.

O'er the sleeping earth we silently pass,
Unseen by mortal eye,
And send sweet dreams, as we lightly float
Through the quiet moonlit sky;--
For the stars' soft eyes alone may see,
And the flowers alone may know,
The feasts we hold, the tales we tell;
So't is time for the Elves to go.

From bird, and blossom, and bee,
We learn the lessons they teach;
And seek, by kindly deeds, to win
A loving friend in each.
And though unseen on earth we dwell,
Sweet voices whisper low,
And gentle hearts most joyously greet
The Elves where'er they go.

When next we meet in the Fairy dell,
May the silver moon's soft light
Shine then on faces gay as now,
And Elfin hearts as light.
Now spread each wing, for the eastern sky
With sunlight soon shall glow.
The morning star shall light us home:
Farewell! for the Elves must go.

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