Monday, March 28, 2016


***Republican (I'm ashamed to say) Gov. of Georgia Nathan Deal is going to throw Christians under the bus and veto legislation that would have prevented lesbians, homosexuals, et. al. to force Christians, pastors, etc. to do their bidding whether it violates their faith or not. This obsequious coward has bowed to the freak lobby and turned his back on evangelical Christians who are not looking to harm anyone or take away anyone's rights, but just protect their own. This kind of thing makes me sick. I expect stuff like this from a liberal, but not a supposed conservative.

"Some of those in the religious community who support this bill have resorted to insults that question my moral convictions and my character. Some within the business community who oppose this bill have resorted to threats of withdrawing jobs from our state. I do not respond well to insults or threats. The people of Georgia deserve a leader who will made sound judgements based on solid reasons that are not inflamed by emotion. That is what I intend to do."

Oh, I doubt that the bullies who made you do their bidding would agree with that last part. You responded quite nicely to them.

Here's his address, if you'd like to make your feelings known:

Office of the Governor
206 Washington Street
111 State Capitol
Atlanta, Georgia 30334

***This "safe spaces" crap on college campuses is really getting ridiculous. Here is an anecdote from a student at Harvard:

 In a class I attended earlier this semester, a large portion of the first meeting was devoted to compiling a list of rules for class discussion. A student contended that as a woman, she would be unable to sit across from a student who declared that he was strongly against abortion, and the other students in the seminar vigorously defended this declaration. The professor remained silent. In a recent conversation with peers, I posed a question about a verse from the Bible. A Harvard employee in the room immediately interjected, informing me that we were in a safe space and I was thus not permitted to discuss the controversial biblical passage. And these are just stories from the past three months.

What a total crock. The writer makes some good points:

The assaults on free expression have dire consequences. The rise of the microagression movement has been reported to be detrimental to mental health on campus. Students’ emotional distress is increasing as educators presume that fragile undergraduates need to be protected from any form of dissent. Administrators must recognize that the current restrictions are incompatible with the very premise and goal of an education.

funny (3)

"Just to show you how unfair Republican primary politics can be, I won the State of Louisiana and get less delegates than Cruz-Lawsuit coming," Trump tweeted Sunday afternoon.

Oh great, you big blowhard, threaten another lawsuit. This isn't even a done deal. Read the story. Every time he opens his mouth he proves his unworthiness of the office he seeks.

***Obama comes back from Cuba and plays his 281st round of golf since taking office. 

***And now for some classic poetry:

***“Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly.”
Langston Hughes

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