Saturday, January 9, 2016

Wise Words

***It's the weekend!! I am at my computer! No complaints, though. My business is really doing well, so the long hours are paying off.

***James Madison said it best:

Obama's Executive Orders are completely unconstitutional. You cannot change the Constitution without going through Congress, nor should you even want to if you care anything about our system of government. We the people are supposed to have the final say, and we vote for people to represent us in Washington. Obama is completely bypassing the legislative process in order to create laws as he wants. I realize liberals have little understanding of how the Founders intended laws to be created, but you would think even the most uninformed would be able to see that America was never to be ruled by a king, which is exactly what Obama fancies himself. Congress - elected by the American people - doesn't see things his way, so by golly he'll just go around them to get his way. This is going to be a very long year.

***From Todd Starnes:

The White House says Obama will leave a seat empty at the State of the Union to honor victims of gun violence.
How about an empty chair to honor victims of Islamic radicals?
How about an empty chair to honor the millions of unborn babies killed by the abortionists?
How about an empty seat to mourn the U.S. Constitution -- bludgeoned by the Obama Administration?

Good questions.

*** Can you believe it has been 25 years since Desert Storm? It started in 1991. Remember shock & awe? Remember how quickly our awesome military advanced? Remember the taking down of Saddam Hussein's statue? Remember the purple thumbs when the Iraqi people voted? Remember when we had a Commander-in-Chief who knew what he was doing and did what was best for America?

CLARIFICATION: My husband pointed out that I wasn't clear above - Desert Storm did indeed start in 1991, but we didn't get rid of Hussein and free Iraq until 2003. Sorry!

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***True story!!!


***Tiny school bus home. Kinda cute, but no.

The Tiny School Bus House

“After living the typical, fast-paced Western lifestyle, the idea of living simply  intentionally began to appeal to [my husband] Jeremy and I more,” Mira Thompson tells Yahoo Real Estate. “We wanted more time to set aside for family, travel, and to live in the moment. So, after eight years together, we got married and hit the road, living nomadically for a couple of years, part of which we spent in a converted mini school bus. We fell in love with our new lives and the freedom we had found, and decided not to go back.”

***And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. ~~ Romans 8:28


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