Thursday, January 28, 2016

Troubling Phenomenon

***I don't know if you've been following the drama regarding Donald Trump deciding not to attend the Fox News debate because he got his feelings hurt by Megyn Kelly. He's mad at them because they wouldn't bow to his will and kick her to the curb. Now his nearly psychotic followers are all threatening to abandon Fox News and are coming up with a bunch of new world order nonsense about how they're owned by Saudis, etc. Good Lord. Barack Obama and the Democrats have been trying to destroy Fox News for years. Think there might be a reason for that, those of you howling about how "biased" they are against your Messiah? Where else did you get the whole story about Benghazi? Who else has covered the email scandal? Who else has extensively covered the Planned Parenthood debacle? Do you see HALF of the damning evidence against Hillary Clinton reported anywhere else? How Obama and his followers must be laughing, watching some of you say you're going to start watching CNN. BRILLIANT plan, guys. Brilliant. The only news outlet even remotely fair to both sides, and you're going to do the Left's bidding and help them destroy it. I'm sorry, but you *idiots*.  I wouldn't be a bit surprised if this was Trump's plan all along - say what a bunch of you want to hear, get you riled up enough to do WHATEVER he wants you to do, and then draw you away from Fox News. Heck, he might be getting a hefty paycheck from Obama himself if he succeeds. This blind loyalty puts me in mind of Obama's and Hillary's followers. Always making excuses, rationalizing, turning a blind eye to huge red flags that should have any conservative running in the opposite direction. We have pitted ourselves against each other instead of the Democrats, and it wouldn't surprise me if we squander the best opportunity we've had in a while to take the White House again. All because so many refuse to think rationally.

***Apparently there are a few veteran's groups not interested in Trump's antics.

The head of an Iraq and Afghanistan veterans group says they will decline donations from the fundraising event Donald Trump plans to hold Thursday night as he sits out the Republican primary debate.

This was hastily put together and was obviously a political stunt.


***“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.”
C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity 

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