Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Reason We Lose

***We are seeing first hand the reason we as Republicans can't seem to get it together and do what needs to be done in this country. Megyn Kelly and Fox News have been the only reliable source of news on TV for a long time. They are far and away the most balanced and truthful source available. Most conservatives have agreed on this, even though they employ some liberals. That's part of being balanced - presenting both sides. At the first Republican debate, though, Megyn Kelly was a little tougher on Donald Trump, he's the frontrunner after all, and his minions have gone ballistic. All of a sudden Fox News and Megyn Kelly are trash. They start talking about how this one voted Democrat and that one gave to a liberal candidate, blah blah blah. They are attacking the only objective news source that gives Republicans a fair shake, because they think their candidate got picked on. Sure, I think Megyn could have picked a more relevant line of questioning, but then again I don't expect her to be perfect. She has a track record of fairness, but the Trump Brigade is willing to forget that and try to destroy the only decent news source out there, I guess because she didn't ask Trump softball questions. The stupidity of our side sometimes is amazing.

Overall, I think the 12 million viewers of the debate got a pretty good introduction to our candidates. We have some very good ones, I think, and could win in 2016 if we don't continue to attack each other instead of the Democrats. Whether or not we will figure that out remains to be seen.

***Which degrees really pay off? This is interesting. Here are the 22 college majors with the highest starting salaries.

No surprise that there are several engineering degrees included, and of course computer technology. Follow the link for the list.

***Entrance to famous Biblical metropolis uncovered.

The gates were uncovered in Tell es-Safi, which was occupied almost continuously for nearly 5,000 years, until the Arab village at the site was left in 1948, Maeir said. Though archaeologists have been excavating at the site since 1899, it wasn't until the past few decades that they realized how massive the Iron Age remains really were.
Both the impressive settlement size and mentions in biblical accounts suggest to scholars that the site is the historic city of Gath, which was ruled by the Philistines, who lived next to the Jewish kingdoms of Judah and Israel. Most scholars think that Gath was besieged and laid to waste by Hazael, King of Aram Damascus, in 830 B.C., Maeir said.


77 more

***Hey great - I wonder if Trump followers will trumpet the fact that he is now endorsed by Piers Morgan?

***William Findley

William Findley (1742-1821) was an important, if lesser-known, politician during the early national period of American history. He was a captain in the Revolutionary army, an Anti-Federalist, and a forty-year veteran politician of both state and national office. In the Pennsylvania ratifying convention he had vigorously opposed the approval of the proposed Constitution because he felt that it did not guarantee the protection of some basic liberties such as jury trial; religious freedom; and freedom of speech, assembly, press, etc. After the Bill of Rights was adopted, Findley became a strong supporter of the Constitution.



It's not an easy life, you know,
to be a fire worm.
Atop this bed of golden glow
I lie awake and squirm.
I cannot sleep upon this heap
of pointy treasure that I keep.
I cannot sleep
I cannot sleep
And lie here counting dragon sheep.

It's not an easy life, you know,
to lie atop this gold.
It pokes and chafes me down below
and gets in every fold.
My pharmacist could not assist,
no dragon sleeping pills exist;
my pharmacist,
my pharmacist
I ate for lunch, could not resist.

It's not an easy life, you know,
to have to sleep on jewels.
What moron thought it apropos?
Which clown devised these rules?
I'd like to meet him in the street
And with a fiery breath to greet.
I'd like to meet
I'd like to meet
the jerk and slowly fry his feet. 
© Stanislav Rusak

***Feel the fear and do it anyway. ~~ Susan Jeffers

***Have a great day!

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