Wednesday, August 5, 2015


***Lead U.S. negotiator says she didn't see "final documents" in Iran deal. Where to start..???

While President Barack Obama delivered his much anticipated speech on the Iran nuclear deal — hoping to appeal to congressional Democrats who could sink or save the agreement — the only administration official to have purportedly seen "side deals between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency" has disclosed that the team was privy to only rough drafts, The Hill reports.
"I didn't see the final documents. I saw the provisional documents, as did my experts," said Wendy Sherman, the Obama administration's undersecretary of state for political affairs, who was one of the deal's lead negotiators.

How can the LEAD NEGOTIATOR not see the final deal? How does the president preside over such a monumental mistake? (That last question was rhetorical) This is beyond belief, as is the lack of media coverage. (That last statement was satirical. The media is doing what it always does, cover Obama's backside) 

Just when I think I've heard it all...

***Republican lawmakers: Defund Planned Parenthood or risk a government shutdown. I wish I could believe they'd stick to their guns.

As controversy surrounding the undercover videos of Planned Parenthood continues to swirl, congressional Republicans are vowing to defund the group even if it forces a government shutdown, Politico reported.

On Wednesday, 18 House Republicans told the leadership that they "cannot and will not support any funding resolution … that contains any funding for Planned Parenthood."

And social conservatives like Sens. James Lankford of Oklahoma and Jeff Sessions of Alabama have said they would potentially introduce a rider to the spending bill that would eliminate the group's $528 million in public funding.
"This is one of those line-in-the-sand type of issues," South Carolina GOP Rep. Mick Mulvaney told Politico. "Every time we say we don't want to spend money on something, the answer is it will provoke a shutdown."

 I know we have some good conservatives in Washington, I just don't think we have enough.

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