Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I Know Nothing!!

***Love this:

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***I love the "Today in History" feature over at National Review Online. Today's entry:

AUGUST 19, 1812: The USS Constitution defeats the British frigate Guerrière in a battle that would boost American morale and help give the storied ship its famous nickname. Launched in 1797, Constitution was one of the original six frigates authorized by Congress to defend American merchant shipping. A veteran of the First Barbary War, she was quickly swept up in the new conflict with England, and in a famous skirmish a month previous dubbed “The Great Chase” she had slipped away from a squadron of British ships. After the Guerrière was spotted off Nova Scotia, the two ships traded fire at close range, with one observer noting the British cannon shots bounced off Constitution’s reinforced hull as if it was made of iron — thus the nickname “Old Ironsides.” Retired from active duty in 1855, Constitution remains the oldest commissioned warship still afloat. 
***Angry Hillary cornered on emails, flees press conference. She's not used to getting *real* questions. Notice Democrats just can't handle that? They're so used to being handled with kid gloves by the press.
Clinton said there is no news in the server, blaming any information on intelligence agency infighting.

"I pressed her, 'Isn't it also about you leaking classified information?'" Henry said, to which Clinton replied, "That's not clear. The State Department has not determined that."

"I pressed Clinton on whether she tried to wipe the server," Henry said. "She would not directly answer that question."

The video shows Clinton brushing the question off with a joke answer.

"What, with a cloth or something?" she asked.

When Henry said he meant did she wipe the server digitally, Clinton replied, "I don't know how it works digitally at all."

"Ed, I know you want to make a point, and I can just repeat what I have said," Clinton said. "In order to be as cooperative as possible we have turned over the server. They can do whatever they want to with it to figure out what's there, what's not there. "
Yes, you turned it many weeks? after it was requested. Gave you lots of time to scrub it. And this awful woman is the best the Democrats can come up with.

His world got smaller as his God got bigger. He died in complete peace. He knew every sin he’d ever committed was forgiven. He had the hope that he would be with the Lord and we’d someday be as well. That is the foundation of the Christian faith: forgiveness, grace and hope. And those of you who are hurting today and feel hopeless? It might be the answer for you. In fact, I know it’s the answer for you.

Well said.

kids are weird

***Walker and Rubio have both come up with good alternatives to Obamacare. Don't expect to hear much about this on the "news."

***Now there's an idea: New Jersey woman makes last request in obituary:

A New Jersey woman used her obituary to make one last political plea, urging mourners not to vote for Hillary Clinton.
Elaine Fydrych, who died Aug. 13 at the age of 63, included the unconventional request at the end of her obituary telling those who wished to honor her memory:
“Elaine requests, 'In lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Hillary Clinton.’”
Mourners who signed her online guestbook made it clear they would honor Fydrych’s request not to support the 2016 Democratic frontrunner.
“Our thoughts and prayers are with the Fydrych family, she truly was a wonderful person and she will be missed by many!! We will gladly honor your wish also not to vote for Hillary!” one mourner wrote.

Love it!

***Okay, I laughed out loud at this one:

pull the lever

***90% of the racism in America comes from the Democrat party and the Left. Absolutely right.

Ninety percent of the racism in America today comes from the Democratic Party and the Left.  They live off it and exploit it.  It is unconscionable to the degree they do this, ruining the lives and futures of the very people they say they are helping in the process.
I am uniquely positioned to say this because I spent most of my life on the Left and was a civil rights worker in the South in my early twenties. I was also, to my everlasting regret, a donor to the Black Panther Party in the seventies.
So I have seen this personally from both sides and my conclusion is inescapable.  The Left is far, far worse. They are obsessed with race in a manner that does not allow them to see straight.  Further, they project racism onto others continually, exacerbating situations, which in most instances weren’t even there in the first place.  From Al Sharpton to Hillary Clinton, they all do it.

Read the rest. Roger L. Simon is spot on.


Big Mary

Mary had a little lamb,
a little toast,
a little jam,
a little pizza
and some cake,
some French fries
and a chocolate shake,
a little burger
on a bun.
And that's why Mary
weighs a ton.
Copyright; Bill Dodds
Moving right along...

you over slept

***Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself. ~~ William Faulkner

***Have a great day!

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