Monday, August 17, 2015

Don't Get Your Hopes Up

***I see over the weekend they keep finding more incriminating evidence in Hillary's emails. Now, we all know what would have already happened if she were a Republican. I saw this story on Allahpundit:

Just in case you thought Hillary might be indicted, Obama spent the weekend socializing with her and Bill.Not just socializing, I should note, but socializing in public, an implicit reminder to the DOJ and intelligence community that Hillary Clinton’s prospects are important to him and his party. When was the last time the subject of an FBI investigation that’s on the front page of newspapers across the country got to party with the president the same week?

And their low information voters still love them.

***Had a wonderful day Saturday! Got to spend most of the day with Mark, Emily, & Johnathan. We got to see Johnny's new apartment, had lunch and Max & Erma's, then went shopping at Sam's Club. :-)

***Prosecuted ex-officials charge the Obama administration with "double standards" when it comes to Hillary Clinton's email scandal. Well come on guys, liberal double standards are certainly nothing new. I don't blame you for being upset, though. Look what they did to Petraeus, for far less.

Ex-officials who were prosecuted and had their lives upended for allegedly mishandling sensitive records are accusing the Obama administration of a "double-standard" in its approach to the Hillary Clinton email scandal.
This administration has charged more people under the Espionage Act, a World War I-era law once used to go after major breaches, than any other in history. While the FBI is looking into Clinton's server amid revelations of state secrets potentially passing through it, some critics -- including those charged under that act -- doubt the Democratic presidential candidate will get the same treatment.
Of course she won't.


***Racial relations are much worse under Barack Obama. And I posit that it is by design.

Why do polls show that racial relations have gotten much worse under Barack Obama, who won the White House with over 95% of the black — and 45% of the white — vote?
A recent New York Times/CBS News poll just revealed that about 60% of Americans feel race relations are not good. Some 40% think that they will become even worse. Yet when Obama was elected, 66% of those polled felt race relations were generally OK. All racial groups, according to recent polling, believe that Obama’s handling of racial relations has made things worse since 2009. Another recent Pew poll confirms these tensions, and suggests whites are now about as pessimistic as blacks.


(My budgie has recently started molting and is very irritable. This takes place over texting with my friend.)
Me: “Hey, [Friend], how do you make a budgie comfortable when they’re molting?”
Friend: “Try scratching her on the head or belly; it works with my one.”
Me: “Okay, I’ll give it a try.”
(I scratch my budgie.)
Budgie: “SQUAWK!”
Me: “I don’t think she liked that.”
Friend: “How can you tell? Budgies love that!”
Me: “I’m bleeding.”

***Are right and wrong convertible terms, dependent upon popular opinion? ~William Lloyd Garrison

***Have a great day!

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