Saturday, August 29, 2015

Crazy, Out-of-Control Government

***This article should really raise your hackles: "Micro-mismanaging your daily life: Tales from Big Government on steroids."

A couple of excerpts:

*The federal dishwasher police recently chopped allowable water use from five gallons per cycle to 3.1, a 38 percent reduction. “Manufacturers cannot compensate for less water by pumping the water through higher-pressure nozzles because the energy use is also restricted,” former U.S. representative Ernest Istook (R., Okla.) explained in the Washington Times. “The 2012 regulation reduced energy usage to 307 kilowatt-hours per year for a standard washer. The 2015 proposal drops that to 234 kWh/year.” Despite the DOE’s 24 percent energy cut, consumers could wind up using more power, as they re-run machines to scour not-quite-clean dishes. They also would be likely to use more water to pre-rinse dishes destined for politically correct, but emasculated, dishwashers. Even the DOE recognizes that this costs money. These new edicts will boost each dishwasher’s price by $99. Also, the new mandate states, “DOE expects that manufacturers may lose up to 34.7 percent of their INPV [industry net present value], which is approximately $203.7 million.” Translation: Pay cuts, layoffs, and outsourcing.

*As Cato Institute scholar Chris Edwards notes in his paper “Why the Federal Government Fails,” the National Park Service produced a 2,400-page study on dog-walking options — not from coast to coast, but solely in the Golden Gate Recreation Area. What, possibly, could anyone say, at such length — it would consume as much paper as the entire text of Obamacare — about canine exercise in one park?

There are dozens more examples just like this - from how hard a block of ice has to be in order for ice makers to produce it to fines for employees buying their own health insurance. Obama is a spectacular failure when it comes to foreign policy and the American economy, but boy, he sure knows how to grow the government. I hope we can survive this administration with our freedom intact.

***Just got back from our yard saling/Amish store run. Didn't really find too many treasures today. Mark will be happy. 

***Why liberals can't govern. Boy, that subject could fill a couple of books.

Back in late February, a new contract document revealed that the Department of Health and Human Services would be paying $60 million for the computer cloud that supports back-end data sharing for and state Obamacare marketplaces, more than five times the amount in the original contract. This week HHS revealed that the contract has been further revised — to roughly $120 million, now more than ten times the original $11 million value of the contract when Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services first awarded it in 2011. In most professions, when you end up spending ten times what you budgeted, the consequences are swift and severe. Heads roll. Responsibilities are reassigned. Budgetary authority gets yanked. This, of course, is not how things work in the federal government.
***You can build your own Dome Home! Not sure why you'd want to, but...

kolb – open garage, light flag front 285

The insane popularity of a single sweatshirt has forced its maker to expand into four new factories within the last year just to meet the soaring demand.
The zip-up hoodie, made by San Francisco startup American Giant, costs $89. It had been on the market for 10 months when a December 2012 Slate article declared it "the greatest hoodie ever made" and suddenly sales exploded.
The pace of growth was so rapid that backorder waits grew to as long as four months. But people continued placing orders regardless of the wait. 
This is how easily a good marketing strategy can manipulate people into buying just about anything. It might be well made, but let's face it: It's a hoodie. 

American Giant

Willy-wag and Sparrow
sat on a stone.
Said Willy, it's cold
when the sun is gone.

But my heart beats hot
in my white silk breast;
time enough later
for me to rest.

Said Sparrow, It's dark
in the green willow,
and the cat may lurk
in the shade below.

He fluffed his feathers
and shook his head;
by now the others
are safe in bed.

Said Willy, the sky
is full of light,
and a juicy fly
is quickly caught.

I'll flirt my fan
awhile the cold,
and I won't go in
till the moon is gold.

Said sparrow, the tree
is full by now,
and I'm off to my perch
on the topmost bough.

But Willy said, whether
it's dark or light,
if I feel like singing
I'll sing all night.

finally happy

For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
Not of works, lest any man should boast~~ Ephesians 2:8-9

***Have a great day!

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