Sunday, August 9, 2015


***On my blog yesterday, I referred to Donald Trump's supporters as "minions" and portrayed them as a little out of control. I'd like to clarify - not all of his supporters are that way. I have many friends who like him and are not attacking everyone who doesn't like him. I'm referring to the ones who think Fox News is behind it all, that Megyn Kelly was "out to get" Donald Trump, that all the other candidates have unforgivable flaws, etc. Even the conservative site IJ Review got into the act, and in the comments section people were saying how awful Fox is, that Kelly should be fired, etc. etc. It's just crazy. I don't get what it is about Donald Trump that makes him so attractive - his bluster is a turnoff to me. What he's saying about the border is true, I'll give him that. I just don't think he is presidential material, and I certainly don't think he has the political chops to start reversing the damage Obama and the Democrats have done to this country.

I apologize to my reasonable friends who are Trump supporters but don't engage in the histrionics so many of his admirers are engaging in now. Didn't mean to lump you in.

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