Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pick & Choose

***James made an observation this morning that is so true - the Left loves to use Bible verses they don't believe to their own advantage. Pretty much the only two they know are "Judge not, lest ye be judged," and "God loves you." Taken out of context, twisted to mean the opposite of the truth, they love to use them in what passes for debate to a liberal, which consists of trying to shout down or silence their opponents with profanity, made up statistics, ad hominems, and if all else fails, the above Bible verses. They have no idea of the whole story, and they don't want to hear it. If you cite Biblical truths, they'll say, "Yeah, but God loves everybody!" as if that completely countermands what God says elsewhere in the Bible. I've even seen many Christians use this as an excuse to support what God clearly defines as sin, namely homosexuality. The Bible spends more time warning about sexual sin than any other, I think because of the consequences. He will forgive a homosexual, obviously, but if his behavior results in contracting AIDS, then he will most likely have to live with that consequence. Same with an adulterer. God will forgive that sin as he will any other, but if you lose your family due to your behavior, you will have to live with that consequence. God didn't cause that, you did. It really bothers me when I see Christians try to "go along to get along," and use the "God loves everybody" argument to justify their refusal to stand up for what is right.

***Working pretty much all day today, but we are making headway. I want to start the week out caught up, to ease my stress load a bit! I've had quite a bit of anxiety this week, and it has affected my sleep. My energy level today is really low, but I have to keep at it. As always, I thank God for my dedicated typists who work their tails off on a daily basis. I think I'll take time a little later to grill some hamburgers - that sounds good!

***"Greece gave us Democracy, now they're showing us how to kill it." ~~ Bobby Jindal. So true.

Warning that Democratic policies are hurtling the United States toward a Greece-like collapse, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said Sunday that either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders would wreck the U.S. economy.

Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner, is set to announce her economic vision on Monday, but Jindal, appearing on "Fox News Sunday," said he already knows what it will contain.

"It's going to be more taxes, more government spending, more regulations," he said. "It's feeding a greedier and greedier government that's going to swallow up the private sector economy."
There is never enough money or power for the government, according to the left, Jindal said. "Give Bernie Sanders credit — at least he's willing to call himself a socialist."
Amen, Bobby.

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***Somebody stole the ruby slippers! If they've tapped the heels three times, you'll never find them.

***Fish oil pills...sounds like a scam to me.


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***Have a great day!

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