Monday, July 6, 2015

Making an Appearance

***Hi everyone, hope you had a wonderful 4th! We had a terrific weekend. I worked a lot, but still managed to get a lot of family time in. Mark put on a great fireworks show Saturday night, he's such a big kid when it comes to fireworks. He always makes it fun. We had a great time with the neighbors and Mark's family, and I was undefeated in cornhole! Boy, the mosquitoes ate me up, though! I itch in places I didn't know I had. Okay, okay, too much information.

I have some great stuff to blog about, but I want to be able to spend the time to do it right. James delivered one of the best sermons I've ever heard on the Biblical definition of marriage and how we as Christians should be responding to the current turmoil in our culture. It was just what I needed. I'm sure this will come as a big surprise to many of you, but I get so angry sometimes at what is going on in this country! I lose sight of the fact that God is not surprised by any of this, and He is in ultimate control. I don't know how many times I've resolved to handle all of this better and failed miserably, but I haven't given up. I admit that I find it very difficult to pray for Barack Obama. That's not right, and I have to change that. I took notes Sunday, which I rarely do because I like to pay full attention when James is speaking, but I didn't want to forget what he was saying. Wish we had recorded it. I promise to blog about it soon!

***Um...okay, I think someone's confused...

backpacking dog

If I were doing something that the Bible condemns, I have two choices. I can straighten up my act, or I can somehow distort and twist and change the meaning of the Bible.~~ Jerry Falwell

***Have a great day!

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    According to the Kentucky Masonic Monitor, Jesus and Hiram Abiff are both in fact redeemers of mankind.

    Quote from Kentucky Monitor, page XV. "All antiquity solved the enigma of the existence of evil by supposing the existence of a Principle of Evil, of demons, fallen angels, an Ahriman, a Typhon, a Siva, or Satan, that first falling themselves, and plunged into misery and darkness, temped man, to his fall and brought sin into the world. All believed in a future life, to be attained by purification and trials; in state of successive states of reward and punishment; and in a Mediator or Redeemer by whom the evil Principle was to overcome and the Supreme Deity reconciled to His creatures. The belief was general that He was born of a virgin and suffer a painful death. The Hindus called him Krishna; the Chinese, Kiou-tse; the Persians, Sosioch; the Chaldeans, Dhouvanai; the Egyptians, Horus; Plato, Love; the Scandinavians, Balder; the Christians, Jesus; Masons, Hiram.

    Is it possible to be a Christian with two redeemers, one being Jesus and the other being Hiram Abiff?

    Acts the name of Jesus Christ....12 And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved.(NASB)

    How is it possible to swear allegiance the the Masonic Lodge and be a followers of Jesus Christ?

    It is impossible to be a Christian and a Mason, you have to be one or the other.

    Posted by Steve Finnell at 7:36 AM 1 comment:
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