Monday, June 22, 2015

The Texas Barn Find

***Remember that story about the old cars a couple had collected that had been in a barn for over 40 years? Well, they sold them at auction. You won't believe the prices some of them fetched.

The 1908 REO was up first. The car is unique in that its three-person back seat can be removed and replaced with a wooden rear section, turning it from a five-person touring convertible into a two-person boattail. When the hammer came down, it had been sold for $104,500 (which includes a 10-percent buyer’s premium).
The ’23 Milburn, one of only three in existence, went next. It was built during the company’s final year, before General Motors bought their competition and dismantled the factory. Like the REO, the Milburn cruised past its pre-auction estimate, selling for $165,000.
The three Cadillacs followed -- $308,000 for the ’32 Victoria; $55,000 for the ’33 Town Coupe; and $46,750 for the ’38 Limousine. The ’37 Kozy Coach also found a new home for $66,000.

Neat story about the couple who had them.

***Well, it took me a week, but I wanted to share with you some of what James preached on Sunday before yesterday. One of the verses in the text was a familiar one, from 1 John 4:4:

Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

That is a very comforting verse. There is so much evil in the world, and there always has been. It's wonderful to know that no matter what is gong on, God is greater than whatever it is, and the victory will be ours in the end. James gave us these reminders:

*There is no temptation greater than the power of the Holy Spirit.
*There is no diagnosis greater than the comfort and provision of the Holy Spirit.
*There is no Satanic deceit greater than the life-giving truth of the Holy Spirit.
*There is no circumstance greater than the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.
*There is no life journey greater than the sustaining strength of the Holy Spirit.
*There is no rebellious, stony heart greater than the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

Great words to memorize and remind ourselves with on a daily basis. 

***Cheap, must-see attractions in all 50 states. In case you haven't planned your vacation yet. 


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***Royal Caribbean building world's largest cruise ship. Wow.

When it's done, it will have 16 decks, encompass 227,000 gross registered tons and measure over 1,187 feet—164 feet longer than the height of the Eiffel Tower.
According to Royal Caribbean, the ship will have seven neighborhoods, including Central Park, Boardwalk, the Royal Promenade, the Pool and Sports Zone and and Youth Zone, with the capacity to carry over 5,400 and 2,747 staterooms.

***Great American Patriot Molly Pitcher.

Mary Ludwig Hays' noble selfless actions in the Battle of Monmouth during American Revolution earned her the endearing name of Molly Pitcher by the American troops she was aiding . . . She was and remains a Great American Patriot!And the best way to honor Molly Pitcher (1744–1832) is the following account of her efforts during the Battle of Monmouth...
Molly Pitcher's fame began two years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence by the American Colonies. The fight for independence had yet to take a favorable turn toward the Colonials. As the war continued, 28 June 1778 proved to be another day of fighting with stories of bravery.
Monmouth rocked with musket and gun fire. The colonial cannon line under General Stirling aimed the barrels of its guns straight down on the British Redcoats as they attempted to cross a causeway. Stirling's left-wing cannons bought time for General Washington to take command and regroup General Lee's scattered forces. The gun line met the demands of the mission.
The heat of June 1778 soared to 96 degrees as the guns barked at the British. The cannon barrels smoked, and men fell from heatstroke.
In this stifling heat, a woman, Mary Ludwig Hays, walked back and forth from a well (or possibly a nearby
creek) carrying water to the hot men and smoldering guns. Her husband, William Hays, manned one of the valuable cannons. They were making a difference by holding the causeway.
Great American Patriot Badge Sample - smallAs American men fell from wounds and heat, the woman's bucket of water (or "pitcher") became precious. The men among the cannons began to call her ... Molly Pitcher. A large woman, she reportedly carried wounded men away from the line to shade trees as she made her trip back to the well.
During one of her many returns to the line, she saw her husband fall. A Colonial officer ordered his gun moved to the rear to make room on the line; he had no one left to man it. But Molly Pitcher stepped forward to keep her husband's gun roaring - every cannon was important.

As if she had been trained for the task, Molly kept the cannon booming. The artillerymen around her noticed her swift, accurate action in keeping the gun firing. No longer were they asking for water from her; she had become one of them - a gunner. The tale of her efforts passed among the men that evening, and as each gunner spoke, the story's details changed.

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***It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried. ~~ Sir Winston Churchill

***Have a great day!

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