Saturday, June 20, 2015

Remember the Outcry?

***Remember when liberals were keeping track of every dollar spent on the War on Terror when Bush was in office? We got into a war we couldn't pay for (as if liberals are ever worried about what something costs), how it caused the recession, how irresponsible Bush was, blah blah blah? They certainly are strangely silent about this: We have spent billions on the war against ISIS, and by the president's own admission we don't even have a strategy.

Despite mounting concerns in Congress over the Obama administration's strategy for defeating the Islamic State, the U.S. already has spent billions on the war -- with recent Pentagon figures showing just how costly and complicated the operation has become. 
A Pentagon breakdown shows the military has spent more than $2.74 billion on the fight against ISIS, amounting to about $9.1 million a day, from August 2014 through early June 2015. The breakdown of operational costs is only part of the picture. Pentagon officials testified to Congress earlier this week that the military's training and airstrike missions make up just two planks of the administration's nine-point strategy for confronting ISIS -- a strategy that involves several other departments.
But, even as lawmakers continue to debate the legality and funding for the war, the billions already spent may be just a drop in the bucket. Administration officials acknowledge a years-long effort ahead. "Nobody said this is going to be easy," State Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters this week. "We've long said three-to-five years, and I think we still hold to that."

I remember Bush calling for patience, warning that the War on Terror was going to take time, and I also remember the liberals wailing and howling about it. The biggest difference is we actually made progress in the War on Terror. Now, Obama and the Democrats are spending more while squandering what our military fought so hard for during Bush's tenure. The hypocrisy of the Left is jaw dropping.

***In yet another example of what passes for debate to a liberal, I got into a "discussion" regarding Obama using the recent church shooting not to mourn, but to further his gun-grabbing agenda. One of the Einsteins in the thread called me a white supremacist. Sometimes all you can do is watch what they post, shake your head, and laugh at them. Discussion usually is not possible.

***Well, I didn't want to get up at 4:00 a.m. on a Saturday, but I have a lot to do today! Lots of transcription, as usual, and company coming tomorrow so that means cleaning today. First, though, I'll pick up the Golden Girls and do our breakfast/yard sale/Amish store run. Didn't get to do it last week because of our yard sale. On another note, doggone if it's not raining again. We're gonna have to grow flippers soon.

***Mona Charen says bumping Alexander Hamilton from the $10 bill is arrogant, ignorant, and stupid. I agree. 

Here’s the arrogance: The Treasury Department is downgrading Hamilton, without whom there might not be a United States currency, just because they yearn to check a “diversity” box, and without consulting the American people. Hamilton was a poor kid from the West Indies who immigrated to New York, joined the patriot army at age 17 or 18 and organized an artillery company, became an aide to General George Washington, authored more than half of the Federalist Papers, and served as first Treasury Secretary of the United States where he structured the finances of our infant republic so that we didn’t drown in debt. He was also a fierce opponent of slavery.

Read the whole thing. This racism, sexism, drama-ism stuff is really out of hand. Everybody's looking for something to be offended about.

***Ready for the day!

cute dogs image Allllmost Ready for Work 
***The church massacre that ended differently. You didn't see much about this on the news, did you?
 A former police officer, Assam, 42, was on security duty Sunday morning at New Life Church here. Hours earlier, a 24-year-old who had been rejected from a missionary school in a Denver suburb had shot and killed two staffers there. Now he was spraying New Life's parking lot with gunfire and pushing through the doors to the sanctuary.

Assam hid and inched toward the gunman, Matthew Murray, as dozens of terrified worshipers fled. She waited until he got close enough, revealed herself, aimed her pistol and fired. Murray dropped to the ground. He was carrying an assault rifle, two pistols and a backpack holding more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition.

"I just prayed to the Holy Spirit to guide me," Assam said at a packed news conference Monday. "I give the credit to God. This has got to be God, because of the firepower he had versus what I have."

Right. So if we take guns out of the hands of people like this former police officer, everything will be fine! Liberal logic.


Reassurance by Alison Stormwolf

reassuranceYou are loved
Let the realisation settle on you
As the dew in the morning
Refreshes the flower

You are loved
Let the comfort of the knowledge
Enfold you in warmth
Like a soft blanket
You are loved
Let the truth strengthen your heart
A strong shield
Against life's blows
You are loved
In the darkest night
In the bleakest dawn
When your soul cries out
In pain or doubt
NEVER fear
You ARE loved

© Alison Stormwolf

***Gold Medals or Gold Stars?

This is a good one.

***Either you run the day, or the day runs you. –Jim Rohn

***Have a great day!

Can you identify this person?
Bruce Jenner Vanity Fair
What about this one?
Major General Harold Greene
One of these individuals is revered as a hero for sacrificing his life for the freedom of the other to wear a dress and a wig. You probably could easily identify the first image of Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner, but the second may have presented a challenge. Major General Harold Greene is the highest-ranking officer killed in combat since 1970. A two-star U.S. Army general, Greene was shot to death in August 2014 in one of the bloodiest insider attacks of the Afghanistan war when a gunman dressed as an Afghan soldier turned on allied troops.Neither President Obama nor Vice President Biden attended the funeral of Major General Greene.
However, President Obama’s official twitter account tweeted that “it [took] courage to share your story” quoting Caitlyn Jenner’s first tweet where Caitlyn “introduces herself” to the world.
And therein lies the problem.
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