Friday, June 12, 2015

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

***I'm sure you've heard about the Al Sharpton/Tawana Brawley fiasco back in the 80s. They both lied through their teeth, and the loathsome Sharpton still dares call himself a "reverend." I will never attach that title to him. They should both have been thrown in jail, yet MSNBC gave this professional liar and race baiter his own show. His actions led to the death of seven people in the Freddie Fashion Mart protests. Why does anyone listen to this man? I have yet to figure that out.

Follow the link and read. Unbelievable.

More recently, there have been many instances of black people smearing racist taunts on their property, only to be found out later to have been done by themselves in order to cry racism. This kind of behavior is also partly the fault of vermin like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

Here's a story I read just this morning: "Civil Rights Leader Disguised Herself as Black When She is Actually White."

Do they ever apologize? Of course not! They rationalize, lie, and pervert the truth to try to squirm out of it. Yet, they are celebrated by many blacks as examples to look up to. No wonder we're in such a mess race-wise. It's EXACTLY what these people want. Chaos.

***Well, thanks for the reminder:  WHO warns: Don't Drink Camel Urine.

***18 awesome things that were invented by mistake.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

In 1930, Ruth Wakefield, owner of the Toll House Inn, just wanted to make some chocolate cookies, but discovered she was out of baker’s chocolate. As a substitute she broke sweetened Nestle chocolate into small pieces and added them to the cookie dough. She expected the chocolate to melt, making chocolate cookies, but the little bits stuck.
At the time, she called them “Toll House Crunch Cookies” and they became extremely popular locally. Because her cookies increased sales in Nestle’s semi-sweet chocolate bars, Andrew Nestle and Wakefield came to an agreement that they would print the recipe on it’s package and she would be given a lifetime supply of Nestle chocolate.


In 1943, Richard Jones, a naval engineer, was trying to figure out a way to employ springs aboard navy ships to keep sensitive instruments from bouncing around. He accidentally dropped one of them, and to his amusement — and that of kids everywhere for generations to come — the spring immediately righted itself and landed upright on the floor.
Since then, kids everywhere have enjoyed playing with what is now known as the “Slinky,” named for a widely-used synonym for “sleek and graceful,” but also as a verbalization of the sound the toy made.


Swiss engineer George de Mestral was on a hunting trip with his dog when he noticed how burrs would stick to its fur. When he got home, he put them under a microscope and saw all the small hooks that enabled the seed-bearing burr to cling so viciously to the tiny loops in the fabric of his pants.
This inspired him to design a unique, two-sided fastener, one side with stiff hooks like the burrs and the other side with soft loops like the fabric of his pants, to rival the zipper in its ability to fasten.
He named it “Velcro” — a combination of the words velour and crochet.

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***George Mason

During these years Mason also pursued his political interests. He was a justice of the Fairfax County court, and between 1754 and 1779 Mason was a trustee of the city of Alexandria. In 1759 he was elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses. When the Stamp Act of 1765 aroused outrage in the colonies, George Mason wrote an open letter explaining the colonists' position to a committee of London merchants to enlist their support.
In 1774 Mason again was in the forefront of political events when he assisted in drawing up the Fairfax Resolves, a document that outlined the colonists' constitutional grounds for their objections to the Boston Port Act. Virginia's Declaration of Rights, framed by Mason in 1776, was widely copied in other colonies, served as a model for Jefferson in the first part of the Declaration of Independence, and was the basis for the federal Constitution's Bill of Rights.
The years between 1776 and 1780 were filled with great legislative activity. The establishment of a government independent of Great Britain required the abilities of persons such as George Mason. He supported the disestablishment of the church and was active in the organization of military affairs, especially in the West. The influence of his early work, Extracts from the Virginia Charters, is seen in the 1783 peace treaty with Great Britain, which fixed the Anglo-American boundary at the Great Lakes instead of the Ohio River. After independence, Mason drew up the plan for Virginia's cession of its western lands to the United States.



They may go down in history
for their gigantic size.
I may exercise until I hurt,
but still, like lard, my thighs!

Does their chubbiness delight you?
Must you laugh like you were smashed?
'Cause I walk like I've got saddlebags
That are surgically attached.

Just like yeasty rising dough
expanding to twice its size,
all dimpled, white and jiggly:
Ugh! My thighs!

Would you rather see me slender,
with my legs so long and lithe
and a shapely turn of ankle?
Believe me, so would I!

Does their wide girth make you giggle?
You shouldn't laugh so hard,
'cause it looks like you are stowing
baggage in your own backyard.

I may try liposuction
or diet until I die.
I may do step aerobics,
but still, so fat, my thighs!

Are you humored by the friction
of the rubbing of my thighs?
Do you fear I'll start combusting
right before your very eyes?

Peeking out from the edge of cut-off shorts:
My thighs
Flaring up from calves that look like storks:
My thighs
I'm a beached whale, washed in by the tide.
Stuck in the mud, 'cause my rear end's too wide.

Leaving behind dreams of corduroy,
My thighs
Soft talcum powder - their only joy,
My thighs
These are the genes my ancestors gave:
stout trunks that take many hours to shave.
My thighs
My thighs
My thighs!

Copyright; Juliana Taliaferro
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***About the only thing that comes to us without effort is old age. ~~ Gloria Pitzer

***Have a great day!

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