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Take a moment out of your fun three day weekend to remember those who made it possible.

***From Rush Limbaugh's site:

This is also Memorial Day.  This, to me, is one of the most important Memorial Days, and they're all important.  Even that little characterization should give you an idea how tough this one is to talk about.  This particular Memorial Day, with everything going on in Iraq and the Middle East and ISIS now just running out of control and our leadership seemingly unconcerned and the Iranians nuking up.  But Iraq and what's happening there has got to make this Memorial Day a real challenge for a lot of American families.
Those who had family members who served in Iraq, who were injured and wounded in Iraq or died in Iraq.  I mean, they might legitimately be asking themselves this weekend, this Memorial Day, "Why?  What was the point?  Was it worth it?"  And you wouldn't blame 'em if they did.  It's a toughie.  It still needs to be acknowledged.

It's true. We had the savages on the run. Remember the purple thumbs? The people in Iraq finally getting to vote on their leadership? Remember shock & awe? Remember our military toppling the statue of Saddam Hussein? You don't see reminders about these things in the news, because they don't want the American people reminded of what Democrat leadership since 2006 has cost us. We have lost nearly all the ground we had gained during Bush's War on Terror. They won't tell you about the many victories our military fought for and won, and they won't dwell on Obama's dismal failure as Commander-in-Chief. The only way you're going to find this stuff out is to do some digging and find out on your own. It is your responsibility to do so, because if you depend on the "journalists" in this country for your information, you're just going to be another ignorant low-information voter who will fall for anything the liberals tell you. The truth can be found, you just have to do a little research and check your sources.

***Great story! Georgia high school graduate reunites with soldier who saved her life. 

A Georgia high school student had an emotional reunion Thursday with a U.S. veteran who helped her family flee from Iraq when she was just a month old.
Lava Barwari was 36 days old when her parents were trying to flee Iraq in December 1996, then ruled by Saddam Hussein. The Kurdish family was one of many that found themselves on the dictator’s kill list.
Lava’s mother, Awaz, was on the list of Kurds allowed to leave Iraq, but an official told her that newborn Lava was not.
“I told the man I was not leaving without my baby,” Barwari told Fox 5 Atlanta. “He said I could leave her with other family in Iraq or not leave Iraq. So I said I wasn’t leaving.”
At that point Lt. Col. Greg Pepin intervened
“I told them if the baby’s name was ‘Greg,’ she could come with me under my passport,” Pepin told Fox 5 Atlanta. “They didn’t understand what I was trying to do at first, but then they realized I was trying to help.”
The family were able to leave Iraq that day, grateful to the man who they say saved their lives.
Leva tracked Pepin down recently and emailed him through Boeing, where he now works, and invited him to her high school graduation.
“I’m proud to live in a country that welcomes people in and helps them live a better life,” Pepin said.

***Retired Army general at committee hearing, "We are losing this war."

On Thursday, the Senate Armed Services Committee convened a hearing to evaluate and scrutinize the effectiveness of the Obama administration’s policies in the Middle East, especially in Iraq and Syria. General Jack Keane, who was the first witness to testify, argued that the fall of Ramadi signals—and indeed proves—that the Obama administration's current strategy in the region has failed.
“While there has been some progress and some success, looking at this strategy today, we know now that the conceptual plan is fundamentally flawed,” he stated. “The resources provided to support Iraq are far from adequate. The timing and urgency to provide arms, equipment, and training is insufficient. And as such we are not only failing, we are losing this war.”
“Moreover, I can say with certainty that this strategy will not defeat ISIS,” he added.

Not sure how the Democrats will blame Bush, but I'm sure they'll find a way. This is abominable. Our military could wipe them out if they were turned loose.

Close now thine eyes and rest secure;
Thy soul is safe enough, thy body sure;
He that loves thee, He that keeps
And guards thee, never slumbers, never sleeps.
The smiling conscience in a sleeping breast
Has only peace, has only rest;
The music and the mirth of kings
Are all but very discords, when she sings;
Then close thine eyes and rest secure;
No sleep so sweet as thine, no rest so sure.

Memorial Day


***Have a great day!

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