Friday, May 1, 2015

Not Good

***Freddie Gray's death has been ruled a homicide, and the police officers involved are going to be charged.

Not sure what to think about this. It wouldn't surprise me if the officials involved are just trying to mollify the rioters. Guess I'll reserve judgment until more is known. Bad situation all around.

***George Soros owes $7 BILLION in taxes. Oh yes, Mr. Tax the Rich, bring down the Republicans by any means necessary, hero to the Left, is finally in hot water. Will anything come of it? I have my doubts. Not a whole lot of media coverage here - gosh, wonder what it would be like if the Koch Brothers were in the hot seat?

George Soros may soon face a monumental tax bill -- of nearly $7 billion -- after years of playing hard-to-get with the IRS. 
Despite Soros having advocated for higher taxes on the wealthy, the liberal billionaire reportedly has delayed paying his own for years thanks to a loophole in U.S. law.
That loophole was closed by Congress in 2008. But before that, Bloomberg reports, Soros used it to defer taxes on client fees. Instead, he reinvested them in his own fund, and they grew tax-free.

Crusty old hypocrite.

***THIS IS NUTS. You've heard about the drought in California? Well, there could be some relief if not for an almost-extinct fish and the rabid environmentalists who think they're more important than people.

Endangered since 1993, the plankton-eating silver minnow is blamed by farmers, lawmakers and water officials up and down the Golden State for locking down billions of gallons of water that otherwise would go to them. That's because, since the smelt's listing as a protected species, biologists have tried saving the fish, in part, by withholding fresh river runoff annually to maintain smelt-friendly temperature and salinity levels.
Farmers and downstate cities -- already suffering the effects of the drought -- claim that water was allocated to them, and withholding it for a fish with no commercial purpose is bad policy.
“California fruits and vegetables are sent all over the world,” said Republican state Assemblyman Travis Allen. “When we are diverting our water to save a few pinky-size fish and leaving hundreds of thousands of acres fallow – there is something wrong with our priorities.”

How could they possibly know there are no more of them anyway?

***17 things about the Baltimore riots the media won't tell you.

Oh, the poor little misunderstood dears.

***This would be me...

***Michael Moore, aka Jabba the Hut, thinks all police officers should be disarmed and all blacks imprisoned for nonviolent crimes should be released. 

What a buffoon.


Have patience, O my sorrow, and be still.
You asked for night: it falls: it is here.
A shadowy atmosphere enshrouds the hill,
to some men bringing peace, to others care.
While the vile human multitude
goes to earn remorse, in servile pleasure’s play,
under the lash of joy, the torturer, who
is pitiless, Sadness, come, far away:
Give me your hand. See, where the lost years
lean from the balcony in their outdated gear,
where regret, smiling, surges from the watery deeps.
Underneath some archway, the dying light
sleeps, and, like a long shroud trailing from the East,
listen, dear one, listen to the soft onset of night.

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