Saturday, May 16, 2015

Jaw-Dropping Hypocrisy

***I'm sure by now you've read about the George Stephanopoulos fiasco. Liberals can be hypocrites like this and they don't even realize it. I'm sure he doesn't think he did anything wrong and can't understand all the hullaballoo. Let a Republican do something like this, though, and BAM! They're all over it.

The problem with George Stephanopoulos’s Clinton-gate mess is that his own words prove him to be both a bully and a hypocrite, as well as abjectly unethical. Set aside the fact that — if not outed — he would likely never have informed his viewership about his contributions to the Clinton Foundation (and presumably would have continued to grill authors like Peter Schweizer for attacking the pay-for-play Clinton culture). Set aside the fact that, in Clinton Foundation tax-reporting fashion, he “forgot” a $25,000 donation when he initially and erroneously stated that he had contributed $50,000 rather than the actual $75,000. And that he confused the news source that originally discovered his gifts. What we are left with is George Stephanopoulos indicting George Stephanopoulos. When he attacked Schweizer for a supposed conflict of interest in having been a Bush speechwriter for four months, he assumed that his own much longer tenure as a war-room political flak for Bill Clinton could never impinge on his own objectivity — much less provide the context for his recent donations to the Clinton family foundation.
Yup, he would have mediated the debates without a second thought, and does anyone think it is possible for a liberal "journalist" to be objective? They have proven over and over that it's impossible. Read the whole piece - liberalism truly is a mental disorder.
***Wow, what a week! I was down a typist and it seems all my offices were extra busy. That's the way it always is, huh? My girls and I worked our tails off and kept up with it, though. I'm going to be backing up another office soon (I know, what am I thinking??). My Facebook time is drastically cut down and I miss a day of blogging here and there, but getting out of debt and putting money away for retirement (if that ever happens) is more important. I've thought about stopping Facebook altogether because it seems I'm unable to stay out of a political fight if there is one to be had, which takes time, but I'm doing better at ignoring liberal stupidity and just letting it go. Besides, I love it when my nieces and cousins put pictures of their kids on there, that's the best part about Facebook. I never get tired of looking at kid pictures! I miss a lot since I don't have a lot of time to read everything, but at least I can make sure I see the important stuff. :-)

***Clintons report making $25 million for speeches since 2014. If that's what they reported, you can probably triple it in reality. First of all, I can't believe people actually pay good money to hear either one of them speak. Secondly, this is the woman traveling around the country eating burritos and pretending to be just a regular person. She's a leftist, Socialist, elitist, crooked snob who should be in jail, not running for President. That she is the best the Democrats can come up with speaks volumes.

***Yard sales, Cracker Barrel for breakfast, and Amish store this morning with my mom, sister, and two of my aunts. Really look forward to my Saturday mornings. I hope we don't get rained out.

***Somebody broke the dog...

i am so sleepy

***Have you ever visited The Grommet? It's a website for unusual gadgets. They really have some interesting things. 
Follow the link for their stories.
***This Land is Your Land.  Good piece.
Most all major news outlets in America, if they even cover it, have couched the disturbance between the Bureau of Land Management and Cliven Bundy as one based on the Bundy Ranch refusing to pay for grazing rights on Federal property. Yet, a similar incident between the U.S. Forest Service and Kit Laney in New Mexico, in which the Forest Service claims part of the Laney Ranch is on Federal property, has the same basic principle at stake and it has nothing to do with grazing rights or boundary disputes. Those issues are moot points if we answer a more basic question; what legal authority and for what purpose does the Federal Government have to “own” property in the United States?

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Rules And Regulations

by Lewis Carroll

A short direction
To avoid dejection,
By variations
In occupations,
And prolongation
Of relaxation,
And combinations
Of recreations,
And disputation
On the state of the nation
In adaptation
To your station,
By invitations
To friends and relations,
By evitation
Of amputation,
By permutation
In conversation,
And deep reflection
You'll avoid dejection.
Learn well your grammar,
And never stammer,
Write well and neatly,
And sing most sweetly,
Be enterprising ,
Love early rising,
Go walk of six miles,
Have ready quick smiles,
With lightsome laughter,
Soft flowing after.
Drink tea, not coffee;
Never eat toffy.
Eat bread with butter.
Once more, don't stutter.
Don't waste your money,
Abstain from honey.
Shut doors behind you,
(Don't slam them, mind you.)
Drink beer, not porter.
Don't enter the water
Till to swim you are able.
Sit close to the table.
Take care of a candle.
Shut a door by the handle,
Don't push with your shoulder
Until you are older.
Lose not a button.
Refuse cold mutton.
Starve your canaries.
Believe in fairies.
If you are able,
Don't have a stable
With any mangers.
Be rude to strangers.

Moral: Behave.

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***Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.~ Oscar Wilde

***Have a great day!

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