Tuesday, May 5, 2015


***That's what I feel like today - working like crazy and it doesn't seem like I'm making any headway. Sure does make me irritable. There's a little yappy dog in our cul-de-sac that I'm about ready to go poison (just kidding, all you animal lovers!). It is annoying, though. I'll be glad when they let the little mutt back in.

***Here's what a real leader does: George W. Bush rides 100K in honor of wounded vets.

Former president George W. Bush took part in the annual Warrior 100K mountain bike ride last week to honor service members injured in Afghanistan and Iraq.

This was the fifth year for the three-day event, which ended Saturday at Bush’s Prairie Chapel ranch near Crawford, Texas.

“It was phenomenal,” Retired Army Sgt. Daniel Casara said, according to the Dallas Morning News. “I’m going to apply again next year and now that I have a bike to work with I’m going to work a little harder and do what I have to do to get back here.”
The event is part of the George W. Bush Institute’s military service initiative. This year’s ride included 14 veterans from previous years’ rides, riding alongside the president and 17 wounded veterans and their families, the Morning News said.

I'd love to meet him and shake his hand.

this is how I think I look

***Why do children want to grow up? Because they experience their lives as constrained by immaturity and perceive adulthood as a condition of greater freedom and opportunity. But what is there today, in America, that very poor and very rich adolescents want to do but cannot do? Not much: they can "do" drugs, "have" sex, "make" babies, and "get" money (from their parents, crime, or the State). For such adolescents, adulthood becomes synonymous with responsibility rather than liberty. Is it any surprise that they remain adolescents? ~Thomas Szasz
***Have a great day!

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