Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fox News Does it Again!

***I love to post this stuff. There are so many Fox News haters who I'm convinced have never watched a minute of it. They stand out because they're the only ones who tell both sides of a story. The other major (and minor) networks are so biased to the left it is not arguable. It is fortunate that so many are seeing through that, but there is still a large block of people getting their news from the networks who love to portray rioting thugs as victims and white Christians as devils.

Fox News has the most trusted network and cable news coverage in the United States, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll released Monday. But network TV is much less trustworthy than it was in the days of Walter Cronkite, American voters say.
In comparison rankings, 29 percent responded that they trust Fox News the most. CNN follows with 22 percent, CBS News and NBC News are at 10 percent, ABC News at 8 percent and MSNBC at 7 percent.
The poll, conducted Feb. 26-March 2, polled 1,286 registered voters nationwide via landlines and cellphones, with a margin of error of plus or minus 2.7 percentage points.

You have to wonder about that 7% who regard MSNBC as trustworthy. Seriously?

***Hillary's campaign imploding. It is unbelievable to me that she is even a viable candidate. She should be hanging her head in shame...but she obviously has none.

***Amtrak crash probe. I wish I could say it is unbelievable that there are those on the Left seeking to blame the derailment on budget cuts - when it was the result of the engineer going too fast. How again does that have anything to do with funding? Liberals never let a tragedy go unexploited.

On his increasingly popular radio show, Mark “The Great One” Levin lashed out at liberals yesterday for trying to politicize the Amtrak disaster. He played several audio files of Democratic politicians and pretend-journalists who didn’t even wait until the victims’ bodies were cold before they started playing their usual political games, and rightfully responded with great outrage:
Almost since last night, but since early this morning — while emergency personnel are at the crash scene trying to find bodies, trying to save people, trying to get them to the hospital — early this morning, within hours of the accident, the media, the Democrats, the liberals … in front of the microphones … all of a sudden it’s a spending issue. It’s a spending issue!
Levin then continued to play audio files from MSNBC and other leftist media proving his point. One after the other, liberals — journalists and politicians — said the disaster was caused by too little spending. If the government had just spent a bit more, this tragedy would never have occurred.
The only problem with that? There isn’t enough information out yet to conclude anything, except that the train was going 106 mph on a part of the track where the maximum speed was 50 mph.



Pretty much.

***Fig leaves falling.

Certain impediments complicate Barack Obama’s selling of the arrangement with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Obama seeks to camouflage the arrangement as one that deters Iran from the acquisition of nuclear weapons. In reality, the arrangement will finance and expedite the mullahs’ acquisition of nuclear weapons.
John Kerry has issued ludicrous “guarantees” in connection with the arrangement. One such guarantee is categorical, but it’s not a money-back sort of a guarantee: “I say to every Israeli that today we have the ability to stop [the Iranians] if they decided to move quickly to a bomb and I absolutely guarantee that in the future we will have the ability to know what they are doing so that we can still stop them if they decided to move to a bomb.”
We may doubt the omniscience that is the predicate of Kerry’s guarantee. But this is strictly a limited warranty. Kerry doesn’t even “guarantee” that his boss would do anything about it if Iran were to break out. Kerry only guarantees that “we” could. Good to know. Kerry’s “guarantee” amounts to nothing more than meaningless verbiage two or three time over.

It boggles the mind how incompetent our current leadership is.

***Josiah Bartlett

The official verbiage of the document as drafted by Thomas Jefferson, was not adopted until after more debate. It was approved by Congress on the 4th of July, 1776, which, as you know, has become our real day of celebration. Only John Hancock, as the President of Congress, and Charles Thompson, the secretary, actually signed on that date.
John Hancock announced that he had signed his name in especially large style so that King George III would not need to put on his spectacles to discern his signature. This symbolic gesture has led to the standard statement for contracts, etc., “put your John Hancock right here.” John Hancock was already at this time one of the American rebels who had a bounty on his head for his capture for the King.
The Declaration was then sent to have its lettering “engrossed” or professionally and expertly written in its now familiar attractive script and style. Most members of Congress then returned to Philadelphia to sign the new and captivating document on August 2, 1776. Some the next day.
Josiah Bartlett, the representative from New Hampshire, is credited with being the first man to attach his signature to this newly engrossed inspired document. John Hancock must have signed moments later, in the top middle portion reserved for signatures–again in his bold, large and audacious configuration.
Josiah Bartlett, a name not often remembered, wanted to be, and became the first and foremost to sign the formal and original Declaration of Independence. He went on to become the first President or Governor of the now new free and  independent State of New Hampshire. Like John Hancock, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson, he was another fearless leader advocating and declaring independence for our New Nation.  These were some Uncommon Heroes.


***The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can't be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it. ~~ Harry Emerson Fosdick

***Have a great day!

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