Friday, May 29, 2015

Ex-Speaker Hastert in Trouble

***I'm not condoning whatever it is he did - which we don't know yet - I just can't help but notice the difference in how Dennis Hastert's problems are being covered (he's a Republican), but we can't get the "mainstream" media too interested in the myriad corrupt actions by the Clintons, Obama, Holder, etc. etc. etc. Personally, I'm a little more concerned that our highest officials stood by and let four of our own die in Benghazi than I am how Dennis Hastert withdrew his money. Bothers me a little more that the IRS targeted conservative groups for harassment. How about our President setting terrorists free in order to bring home a deserter? Oh, so many things that are more important. That's just me, though.

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***The unmaking of a mayor. Never has it been more obvious that liberals cannot govern effectively, especially during a crisis. Nothing this woman has done has been right.

The implication is clear: More people need to be arrested in Baltimore, not fewer. And more need to be jailed. If black lives truly matter, Baltimore needs more and better policing and incarceration to impose order on communities where a lawless few spread mayhem and death.
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It is wrong for the police to shrink from doing their job, but the last month in Baltimore shows how important that job is. This is especially true in dangerous, overwhelmingly black neighborhoods. They need disproportionate police attention, even if that attention is easily mischaracterized as racism. The alternative is a deadly chaos that destroys and blights the lives of poor blacks.
It is a paradox that a figure who is anathema to the BlackLivesMatter movement, Rudy Giuliani, saved more black lives than any of his critics ever will. He did it by getting the police to establish and maintain basic order in New York’s neighborhoods and defending the cops when the likes of Al Sharpton maligned them.
Now that Mayor Bill de Blasio has pulled back, shootings are trending up in New York City. But it’s OK, as long as nameless young black men are the ones being shot at. For progressives only some black lives matter.

***Freedom under fire. This is insidious, and the Republicans had better not let it happen.

Gun owners will have to carry liability insurance if a bill introduced Friday by New York House Democrat Rep. Carolyn Maloney successfully makes its way through Congress.
Rep. Maloney’s The Firearm Risk Protection Act would subject gun owners to a $10,000 fine if they ignored a mandate for liability insurance before obtaining a weapon, The Hill reported Friday.

 Liberals won't be happy until only criminals have access to guns.


Charles Dickens

Hear my prayer, O heavenly Father,
Ere I lay me down to sleep;
Bid Thy angels, pure and holy,
Round my bed their vigil keep.

My sins are heavy, but Thy mercy
Far outweighs them, every one;
Down before Thy cross I cast them,
Trusting in Thy help alone.

Keep me through this night of peril
Underneath its boundless shade;
Take me to Thy rest, I pray Thee,
When my pilgrimage is made.

None shall measure out Thy patience
By the span of human thought;
None shall bound the tender mercies
Which Thy Holy Son has bought.

Pardon all my past transgressions,
Give me strength for days to come;
Guide and guard me with Thy blessing
Till Thy angels bid me home.

And we are finally finding proof of what was known from the start — that the massacre in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012 was the inevitable result of an arms-for-jihadists program set up off the books by Clinton and her pals in the Obama administration, in which the CIA was conscripted to oversee the distribution of Qaddafi’s weapons stash to Syrian rebels not favored by the local Benghazi al-Qaeda affiliate, and amid this grand idea Clinton made no effort to provide security to her employees there.
We are finding this out three years later, of course, despite the best efforts of Hillary and her stooges to hide it from the public. We are also finding out, thanks to the exploits of a Romanian computer hacker who exposed her crony Sid Blumenthal’s emails, that Hillary is still hiding the complete record of her emails from the public — and correspondence between the former Secretary of State and her morally vacant henchman with business interests served well by Qaddafi’s ouster, we know, was both material to policy and proves she told bald-faced lies to the public about the origin of the Benghazi massacre.
Read the whole thing. You'll be as surprised and dismayed as I am that she seems to be the best the Democrats can come up with.
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***Have a great day!

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