Thursday, April 2, 2015

Flash Mob

***Closing down a Christian business that didn't do anything, just voiced their opinion when someone asked for it.  This is despicable, and so typical of the Loser Left.

1) Family owners of small-town Indiana pizzeria spend zero time or energy commenting on gay issues.
2) TV reporter from South Bend walks inside the pizzeria to ask the owners what they think of the controversial Religious Restoration Freedom Act. Owner Crystal O'Connor responds, "If a gay couple came in and wanted us to provide pizzas for their wedding, we would have to say no….We are a Christian establishment." O'Connor also says—actually promises is the characterization here—that the establishment will continue to serve any gay or non-Christian person that walks through their door.
3) The Internet explodes with insults directed at the O'Connor family and its business, including a high school girls golf coach in Indiana who tweets "Who's going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #memoriespizza w me?" Many of the enraged critics assert, inaccurately, that Memories Pizza discriminates against gay customers.
4) In the face of the backlash, the O'Connors close the pizzeria temporarily, and say they may never reopen, and in fact might leave the state. "I don't know if we will reopen, or if we can, if it's safe to reopen," Crystal O'Connor tells The Blaze. "I'm just a little guy who had a little business that I probably don't have anymore," Kevin O'Connor tells the L.A. Times.

They were asked their opinion, it didn't jive with the liberal haters, and now they're probably going to lose their business - and the Left thinks they've won a victory. They make me sick.

***Preliminary agreement reached in Iran nuke talks. I don't feel good about this at all.

***Obama should get approval of Congress for deal. Well of course he should. That doesn't mean he will.

***Yet another Obama failure...

U.S. efforts to head off a new China-sponsored development bank for the booming Asia region ended in abject failure this week as organizers announced nearly four dozen countries — including some of America’s closest Asian and European allies — have applied to membership, amid growing criticism of how the Obama administration handled the entire episode.
funny animals (4)

***Agro-Bots. Wow, this is interesting.

Bonirob and his buddies can work in tandem to remove weeds from the land and applying fertilizer. The robot is autonomous, and designed to work in tandem with other models.
The Grizzly RUV from Clearpath Robotics is a big robot for big jobs like hay baling. It also has laser sensors precise enough that it can cultivate asparagus stalks ready for picking and detect cow urine so it knows where grass might need to be treated.

This looks like a common farm sight— a tractor and a grain cart. In fact, you're looking at fully autonomous, GPS-guided equipment that carries sensors to avoid obstacles. The Autonomous Harvest System is a collaboration between Kinze Manufacturing in Williamsburg, Iowa, and Jaybridge Robotics. 
Check out the story at the link.
***Yep, it's a car...
weird little car

Born on March 16, 1751, in Port Conway, Virginia, James Madison wrote the first drafts of the U.S. Constitution, co-wrote the Federalist Papers and sponsored the Bill of Rights. He established the Democrat-Republican Party with President Thomas Jefferson, and became president himself in 1808. Madison initiated the War of 1812, and served two terms in the White House with first lady Dolley Madison. He died on June 28, 1836, at the Montpelier estate in Orange County, Virginia.

***Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters. ~~ Margaret Peters

***Have a great day!

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