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***Gov. Pence should have left the Indiana RFRA alone. He allowed himself to be bullied by the Left, and that is the Republicans' biggest problem. Start giving them bad press and calling them racists, they become invertebrates. It's so frustrating. Great piece by Quin Hillyer over at National Review Online:

This is not about homosexuals. It’s about religious freedom. Those of us who repeatedly write about this issue are not concerned merely with bakers. We worry about the pharmacist at risk of being compelled to provide abortion-inducing drugs. (No homosexual issue there.) We worry about the non-denominational Christian school that might be told it cannot fire a teacher of religion classes who violates (non-sexual) church doctrine. About the Jewish Student Union group that could be compelled by college authorities to allow a Muslim to be selected to its board. About public high-school facilities available for rent on weekends to an atheist group but not to a Christian one.
If only people would stop listening to the Democrat mouthpieces on their nightly newscasts and look into things themselves. I've lost count of the number of debates I've been in regarding this issue, and they all say the same dumb things about bigotry, equal rights for homosexuals, how Jesus said to love everybody, blah blah blah - all resulting from ignorance of the issue at hand. 
 • Do we respect a black jazz band’s choice not to perform at a Ku Klux Klan chapter’s “Negro Minstrel Show”? • Do we respect a pro–gun control photographer’s right to choose not to snap pictures at a Sharpshooter of the Year banquet organized by the local chapter of the National Rifle Association?
• Do we respect a vegan woman’s right to choose not to bake a cake for the Indiana Pork Farmers’ Man of the Year dinner? • Do we respect a Jewish calligrapher’s right to choose not to produce hand-written invitations for a Hitler Day brunch organized by a local neo-Nazi group?

If these examples sound absurd, are they really that much crazier than a gay couple’s demand that an evangelical Christian baker produce their wedding cake against her will, when other bakers are eager for their business?
It's all about coercion. The militant Left is not happy if you disagree with them. While they claim to be all love and light, they are the most intolerant, hateful people you will ever meet. 

***Rolling Stone, the liberal rag posing as a rock 'n roll magazine, has apologized for its false rape story.  Looks like the fraternity falsely accused is going to pursue legal action. Good. Somebody has to start fighting back against the rabid liberals in this country.

***Lying Democrats: Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder have no shame. Well that's the truth, and there are a lot more names that could be added to that list. 
Something happens to men and women when they gain a proximity to power. Most in public service, one can only assume, begin with noble purpose: to serve, to change and improve the world — whether that be a small town or, literally, the world.
Soon enough, many — not all, but many — want only to stay in that position of power, and will do what it takes, whatever it takes, to stay there. Where once they talked only of their dreams and ambitions, not for themselves, but for those they served, soon enough they spend their days tearing down — their campaign foes, opposing political parties and, in the end, anyone who doesn’t think like them. 

changing from jeans

The name of Hamilton, the pure patriot, the brave soldier, the accomplished statesman, and acute financier, there is a halo which brightens With the lapse of years, for he was peerless among his fellows. He was a native of the island of Nevis, in the "West Indies, and was descended from a Scotch father and a French mother. He was born on the 11th of January, 1755. He received a fair education in childhood, and at the age of twelve years he became a clerk in the mercantile house of Nicholas Cruger, at St. Croix. Every leisure moment he devoted to study; and while yet a mere youth, a production of his pen give such evidence of great genius, that the friends of his widowed mother provided ra3ans for sending him to New York to be thoroughly educated. At the age of sixteen years he accompanied his mother to the United States, and entered King's (now Columbia) College as a student, where he remained about three years. The contest of words, with Great Britaiil, was then raging, and gave sops to his thoughts and topics for his pen. "When only seventeen years of age he appeared as a speaker at public meetings, and he assisted the Sons of Liberty in carrying off British cannon from the battery of Fort George, at the foot of Broidwav, in 1775. He entered the army as captain of an artillery company, raised chiefly by himself; and performed good service at "White Plains, Trenton, and Princeton. His pen was as active as his sword, and many articles, attributed to more mature and eminent men, were the ofispring of his brain.

SOURCE: Eminent Americans - By Benson J. Lossing (Published 1886)

I Love America

by Donna Wade

America, red, white, and blue
The country that I love
I'll defend this land with all I have
Until my life is done

And if I die in battle
Hang my medals high
For I want to be remembered
For my honor and my pride

Send me home to family
And tell them I was brave
I fought just like a soldier should
Until my dying day.

Mama I am sorry
I tried to make you proud
But fighting for my country
Was never something you allowed.

I fight for all our freedom
The lives of you and me
I wish it could be easier
But freedom don't come free

cat,do not want,grandmother,protective,rocking chair,tail

***“Government is not reason, it is not eloquence — it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” ~~ George Washington
***Have a great day!

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