Monday, March 30, 2015

25 Greatest Americans

***Pressed for time today and really tired of the ignorance surrounding the RFRA bill, so I'm going to refer you to an interesting list, 25 Greatest Americans.

John Hawkins has polled 44 conservative bloggers to come up with a list of the “25 Greatest Figures In American History.” Compared to his much-panned “25 Worst Figures In American History” list, this one should be rather uncontroversial.
Indeed, the selections pretty closely mirror mine:
22) Douglas MacArthur (6)
22) John Wayne (6)
22) Ayn Rand (6)
22) Lewis & Clark (6)
22) Susan B. Anthony (6)
21) Norman Bourlag (7)
19) Bill Gates (8)
19) Audie Murphy (8)
18) Alexander Hamilton (9)
15) Thomas Paine (12)
15) Albert Einstein (12)
15) Jonas Salk (12)
14) Mark Twain (13)
13) Henry Ford (14)
12) Dwight D. Eisenhower (15)
11) George S. Patton (16)
10) The Wright Brothers (20)
9) James Madison (22)
8) John Adams (24)
7) Ronald Reagan (27)
5) Thomas Edison (31)
5) Abraham Lincoln (31)
4) Benjamin Franklin (32)
3) Martin Luther King (34)
2) Thomas Jefferson (36)
1) George Washington (42)
Those in bold were on my list as well.   Everyone on my list (which only had 15 people) made the Top 25 except for Alexander Graham Bell and George Marshall.
Notable of those that made the above list and didn’t make mine:  I’d have included Einstein, too, but don’t consider him an American.  I strongly considered Adams but the Alien and Sedition Acts were sufficiently evil to keep him off.  King probably should have made my list, too, but his personal baggage is pretty heavy and I think he actually gets too much credit for changes that the Supreme Court and the American people were in the process of making, anyway.
It’s also noteworthy that Teddy Roosevelt, who’s on Mount Rushmore, made neither my list nor the consensus list.
As with the 25 Worst list, it should be noted that the list is ordered by total number of mentions.  Our submissions were not rank ordered.   Unlike the other list, however, this seems to mostly work out for the 25 Greatest list.
I am, however, puzzled that two people omitted George “The Father of the Freakin’ Country” Washington from their lists and eight omitted Jefferson.   What’s a brother got to do to get some love around here?

***Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did. ~Newt Gingrich

***Have a great day!

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