Monday, February 2, 2015

It's Over!

***Thank goodness the Super Bowl is over. I have pretty much lost interest in all professional sports as it seems so many of the players lack character, principle, humility, etc. I know there are notable exceptions such as Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck, but still, they are overshadowed by trash talking, swaggering thugs so full of themselves they can't see anything else. Bleh.

***Obama's $4 trillion budget. Somebody needs to tell this twit that we're broke because of his fecklessness.

The spending blueprint challenges Republicans to make politically thorny choices between defending current tax rates for the wealthy and Obama’s proposals to boost spending for the middle class, the Pentagon and companies that build domestic infrastructure.
It also plays to the president’s Democratic base with proposals to increase spending for domestic programs such as education and child care and expanding Social Security benefits for same-sex couples.
In remarks this morning, Obama said he’d reject any budget from Congress that locks in the “mindless austerity” of existing budget caps and cuts funding for his priorities.
“We would be making a critical error if we avoided making these investments,” the president told government workers at the Department of Homeland Security on Monday.
Well, you know all about critical errors, sir. You are one.

***A true "mobile home."

A few years ago, Jeremy and Mira Thompson decided to ditch the lives they knew for a nomadic, minimalist lifestyle. "We wanted more time to see family, travel, and live in the moment, so we got married and hit the road for a couple of years, part of which we spent in a mini school bus. We fell in love with the freedom, but eventually found ourselves wanting a home base near our families."
They loved their little school bus (Mira describes how it would give the people they met on the road a happy, nostalgic feeling, and they wanted to continue to inject that into their home), but knew it would need some work to make it livable long term. So Jeremy pulled from his years of auto body and carpentry experience to transform the bus into a sweet cedar cabin.

Well, that's cute and all, but a little too cramped for me.

***Well, he saw his shadow. He always does, doesn't he? I don't remember the last time he didn't.

***From homeless to Hollywood. Not sure that's a step up, but more power to ya.


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***Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. ~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

***Have a great day!

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