Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Faux Outrage

***This so-called outrage on the left about Rudy Giuliani's spot-on observation that Barack Obama does not love America rings false in so many ways. Those of us on the right have been trying to tell people that Obama is a Socialist (at best) since the first campaign started. Some observations by Ross Kaminsky over at National Review Online:

Barack Obama is a man whose childhood father figure, Frank Marshall Davis, was an America-hating, Stalin-lauding Communist; Obama spent nearly two decades imbibing the hateful ignorance of his pastor and mentor, the Reverend Jeremiah “God D— America” Wright, and began his political career (or at least fundraising for it) in the living room of anti-American terrorist Bill Ayers. Nothing about these facts paints a picture of a man who likes — or is even tolerant of — the United States of America. Sprinkle in an “apology tour,” a refusal to wear an American-flag pin, and a wife who was never proud of her country until her husband became president, and the picture becomes even clearer.

 This is a really good, if a tad sickening, piece. It's still a bit surreal to me that Barack Obama is President of the United States. A big reason for it is simply the color of his skin. Most people who voted for him didn't bother to look past that at the man himself. Secondly, his checkered past and the questionable company he keeps was covered up and glossed over by a fawning media, who continue to do so to this day. There is nothing likeable about him or Michelle, but they have been portrayed by their hip pocket press buddies as the perfect family. His dishonesty and obvious disdain for this country make me sick.

The double standard when it comes to who is allowed to aver that the president is unpatriotic is astounding here. Check out this piece from Victor Davis Hanson.

In other words, we should monitor Alfred A. Knopf to ensure that it would not publish another novel like Checkpoint fantasizing about killing then-President Bush, and object loudly if another filmmaker should produce a docudrama like Gabriel Range’s Death of a President indulging in the same fantasies, and watch for anything similar to Guardian “satirist” Charles Brooker’s 2004 op-ed wishing for another John Wilkes Booth or Lee Harvey Oswald to step forward.
None of which was done, of course. The Left hailed the above as "art," which of course makes it untouchable. Remember the Jonathan Chait piece? Below, Hanson replaces "Bush" with "Obama." Imagine the outrage if this were published by a conservative writer:
I hate President (George W. Bush) Barack Obama. There, I said it…I hate the way he walks — shoulders flexed, elbows splayed out from his sides like a teenage boy feigning machismo. I hate the way he talks — blustery self-assurance masked by a pseudopopulist twang. I even hate the things that everybody seems to like about him. I hate his lame nickname-bestowing– a way to establish one’s social superiority beneath a veneer of chumminess (does anybody give their boss a nickname without his consent?). And, while most people who meet (Bush) Obama claim to like him, I suspect that, if I got to know him personally, I would hate him even more…There seem to be quite a few of us (Bush) Obama haters. I have friends who have a viscerally hostile reaction to the sound of his voice or describe his existence as a constant oppressive force in their daily psyche.
 I don't need to tell you what the reaction would be. There are so many more examples, but these really jumped out at me today while I was reading. Sometimes I think it would be better not to have National Review Online as my home page. For one thing, there is usually a picture of Obama staring at me every time I hit my home button. That's enough to ruin one's day after a while.

***Gulfstream jet flies around the world with just one fuel stop. Flight fascinates me. I'll never understand how that big iron bird stays up in the air. 

***Obama vetoes Keystone Pipeline. Jerk. He is flagrantly ignoring the will of the people. But then, he's been doing that since he's been in office. Uh oh, there goes my blood pressure again...
***1st grade teacher donating kidney to student. Now THAT is going above and beyond!

Matthew Parker only makes it to Lindsey Painter's first-grade class two days a week, but the 6-year-old's attendance record is about to get a lot better: The teacher is giving him one of her kidneys and he will soon be able to go school full-time instead of going for dialysis three days a week, as well as do things like run and swim.

hair in your mouth

Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson is the author of the Declaration of Independence and the 3rd President of the United States. Like John Adams, his ideas and influence strongly shape our lives today.  And even though it looks like Mr. Jefferson’s life was one of success after success, a notable failure is that he entered a contest to choose the architect to design the White House and lost. Even the most successful people suffer setbacks.

Benjamin Franklin
Everyone knows Benjamin Franklin. He is one of America’s most enduring and beloved figures. His inventions and innovations are all over the blueprints of modern history. His life was monumental to the future of America. Despite being commonly addressed as “Doctor,” Benjamin Franklin had but a 2nd grade education.  His life shows that intelligence without traditional education can still equal success, if good character and hard work are evident.

***Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men and so it must be daily earned and refreshed — else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots, it will wither and die. ~Dwight D. Eisenhower

***Have a great day!

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