Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sore Winner?

***Yeah, I would have liked to see Gohmert win the speakership of the House, and if these reports are true, Boehner's being kind of a butthead about his opposition. BUT, fighting amongst ourselves is exactly what the Democrats want. Boehner is Speaker, that's not going to change, so let's move on and fight the real enemy - Obama and the liberal Democrats who seem intent on bringing this country to her knees.

***Hey, this guy could probably outspend Obama. California breaks ground on bullet train. I can't believe California was stupid enough to re-elect Jerry Brown. be fair, we didn't mount much of an opposition.

Over the next 1,000 days, California is estimated to spend roughly $4 million a day on the project.
The high-speed train, set to be finished in 2033, originally was supposed to deliver passengers from San Francisco to Los Angeles in two hours and 40 minutes. That was the promise when voters narrowly approved $10 billion in bonds for the project in 2008. Since then, however, the estimated trip time has grown considerably, and the train has encountered persistent problems -- as experts uncovered misrepresentations in the ballot proposition, and opponents sued to stop the project on environmental and fiscal grounds.
"We're talking about real money here," said Kris Vosburgh, executive director of taxpayer watchdog group Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. "This is money that's not available for health care or education, for public safety, or put back in taxpayers' pockets so they have something to spend. This is money being drawn out of the system for a program that is going to serve very few people."

Probably some big donors getting some big kickbacks. Priority One for a Democrat.

***Not a big Jim Webb fan. BUT, he would be a lot better than Hillary. I hope we run a real conservative and start turning this country back around, someone who can beat anyone the Democrats run. I just wish our side would stop thinking if they play nice and try to appease the Left, the press will be nicer to them. You'd think they'd learn eventually, but it seems they never do.

4 monhts until summer

***Divorcee refuses $974 million dollar check. Wow. That's what I call greed. It would be funny if she didn't get anything after that.

A jaw-dropping photo reveals the handwritten $974.8 million divorce settlement check rejected as too skimpy by the ex-wife of a billionaire oil tycoon.
Sue Ann Arnall, 56, scoffed at the jackpot-size payout from former hubby Harold Hamm — CEO of the energy company Continental Resources — demanding more money because he was allowed to keep the bulk of his $13.5 billion fortune.

***2015 Health Breakthroughs that will Change your Life.

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***Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be. ~~ Clementine Paddleford

***Have a great day!

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