Friday, January 9, 2015

It's On

***"Hactivist" group Anonymous says it will avenge Charlie Hebdo attack by shutting down jihadist websites.

Hacker group Anonymous have released a video and a statement via Twitter condemning the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, in which 12 people, including eight journalists, were murdered.
The video description says that it is "a message for al-Qaeda, the Islamic State and other terrorists", and was uploaded to the group's Belgian account.
In the clip, a figure wearing the group's symbolic Guy Fawkes mask is seated in front of a desk with the hashtag #OpCharlieHebdo - which stands for Operation Charlie Hebdo - featured on screen.
The figure, whose voice is obscured says: "We are declaring war against you, the terrorists."
They add that the group will track down and close all accounts on social networks related to terrorists in order to avenge those who have been killed.

Good. At least somebody's pushing back and not falling for all the politically correct crap.

***When some liberal tells you this: Unemployment fell to 5.6%! - tell him the rest of the story:

 Wages fell.
Record 92,898,000 Americans have left the workforce.

***Rod Taylor, R.I.P.

***Andrae Crouch, R.I.P.


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***“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.”~~ Charles M. Shultz

***Have a great day!

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