Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hidden in Plain Sight

***Looks like a must-read:

A competing narrative about what caused the financial crisis has received little attention. This view, which is accepted by almost all Republicans in Congress and most conservatives, contends that the crisis was caused by government housing policies. This book extensively documents this view. For example, it shows that in June 2008, before the crisis, 56 percent of all US mortgages were subprime or otherwise low-quality. Of these, 76 percent were on the books of government agencies such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. When these mortgages defaulted in 2007 and 2008, they drove down housing prices and weakened banks and other mortgage holders, causing the crisis.
No wonder liberals are doing their best to prevent people from reading it.

The pattern of reviews on Amazon for Wallison’s book hint at a coordinated attack on a book and a subject which is a sacred cow to liberals. He criticized the Dodd-Frank act. He dares to skewer the holiest of holys, the no-down-payment-low-interest subprime loan as being a major factor in the meltdown.
Interesting to note: The praise for the book comes from those who are noted as having made a “verified purchase.” The disgruntled reviewers blatantly parrot one another in talking point fashion in an effort to discourage anyone from buying / reading this book.

I'd be willing to bed that not one of the negative reviewers have even read it.

***The real reasons for cheap gas.

No one knows exactly what factors are causing prices to fall so far, so fast, but there is a strong suspicion that Saudi Arabia, which you can think of as the central banker of OPEC, is letting prices fall in the hopes of killing off the competition from U.S. and Canadian shale oil. The question, then, is: Who will blink first?

Interesting read.

***School halts Bible study for blind kids. Seriously?

After 10 years, the Maryland School for the Blind suspended a Bible study for blind teenagers, telling a local church leader it was because of "church-state" issues.
So tired of this ignorance.

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***Big party today! Our Secret Sister reveal party is today. I've been working on the house, food, and games a little all week. Mark has been a big help, as usual. I think I'm ready! Trying some different games today, hope they work out! I don't like to do "shower" games.  Today's theme is candy! Didn't mean to, that's just the way it turned out. Two out of the three games involve candy. Oh well, what woman doesn't go for sugar? We always have a good time, looking forward to it. Plus I get to show off my new kitchen. :-)

Mighty Oak
by Kathy J. Parentau

Stand tall oh mighty oak, for all the world to see,
your strength and undying beauty forever amazes me.
Though storm clouds hover above you,
your branches span the sky,
in search of the radiant sunlight you
count on to survive.
When the winds are high and restless and
you lose a limb or two,
it only makes you stronger, we
could learn so much from you.
Though generations have come and gone
and brought about such change,
quietly you've watched them all yet still
remained the same.
I only pray God give to me the strength he's
given you,
to face each day with hope, whether
skies are black or blue,
Life on earth is truly a gift
every moment we must treasure,
it's the simple things we take for granted
that become our ultimate pleasures.

Robots are getting smarter — and scientists around the world are getting scared.

Robots that are disturbingly human in performance and appearance, that can move and operate independently, that have immense strength and the ability to open doors, and that can be produced in the thousands have scientists wondering if the time is coming when advances in artificial intelligence (AI) will make it possible for robots, like in "The Terminator," to declare war on humanity and wipe us all out, QZ reports.

Consider the 350-pound DARPA robot being developed by Boston Dynamics, which has its own power pack, the strength to lift concrete blocks and the ability to move on its own and open doors.

Kinda creepy.

*** What the heck is THAT?

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***Have a great day!

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