Monday, December 29, 2014


 ***Hasn't this president been growling about how the Republicans won't work with him, causing gridlock, blah blah blah. Well, guess what? He's threatening to veto GOP bills before he even knows what they are. Not a surprise to any of us paying attention, but I sure wish his pea-brained followers would get a clue.

The new Congress hasn't yet been sworn in, but President Obama already is warning he plans to use his veto pen to counter initiatives from the incoming Republican majority.
Obama, despite his near-constant friction with congressional Republicans the last few years, rarely has used the presidential veto -- in part because legislation he didn't like typically died in the Democrat-controlled Senate before reaching his desk.
But with Republicans taking charge of the Senate next month and building their majority in the House, Obama said in an NPR interview he's dusting off the veto pen.

Oh, liberals love to crow about how he hasn't vetoed as many bills as previous presidents, obviously oblivious to the stonewalling of Harry Reid. He's had plenty of help keeping GOP bills from seeing the light of day - then they lie through their teeth and say Republicans haven't offered any alternatives to the laws they oppose. Liberals truly are despicable.

***Han Solo to get his own spinoff movie? can anyone but Harrison Ford play that part?

***Here it comes: Obamacare health fines to rise for uninsured.
Being uninsured in America will cost you more in 2015.
It's the first year all taxpayers have to report to the Internal Revenue Service whether they had health insurance for the previous year, as required under President Barack Obama's law. Those who were uninsured face fines, unless they qualify for one of about 30 exemptions, most of which involve financial hardships.
Dayna Dayson of Phoenix estimates that she'll have to pay the taxman $290 when she files her federal return. Dayson, who's in her early 30s, works in marketing and doesn't have a lot left over each month after housing, transportation and other fixed costs. She'd like health insurance but she couldn't afford it in 2014, as required by the law.
"It's touted as this amazing thing, but right now, for me, it doesn't fit into my budget," she said.

This is sickening. Thank you, clueless Obama voter.

***I'm gonna go with yes.

worse shoes than crocs

***From Reader's Digest:

None of my grandsons share my corny sense of humor. When the family is eating lasagna, I say, “Lean over your plate, boys. You’ll get 
less-on-ya.” I say to the ten-year-old, “Don’t yell through the screen; you’ll strain your voice.” And when I took another grandson to the zoo, I asked, “Do you know why that snake’s not pressed against the glass? He doesn’t want to be a windshield viper.”
They’ll probably laugh later.

 ***Okay, this is just weird....

funny cats (15)

***He who labors diligently need never despair; for all things are accomplished by diligence and labor. ~~ Menander

***Have a great day!

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