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The Most Dangerous Cities

***Guess which party governs the most dangerous cities in America?

Shocked, I tell you! Shocked!
According to via Law Street Media, you’ll be shocked to know that of the top ten most dangerous cities with populations over 200k in America, nine are run by… Democrats.
Via Truth Revolt-
The cities with populations over 200,000 ranked as the most dangerous are:
  1. Detroit, MI – Mayor Mike Duggan – DEMOCRAT
  2. Oakland, CA – Mayor Jean Quan – DEMOCRAT
  3. Memphis, TN – Mayor A C Wharton – DEMOCRAT
  4. St. Louis, MO – Mayor Francis G. Slay – DEMOCRAT
  5. Cleveland, OH – Mayor Frank G. Jackson – DEMOCRAT
  6. Baltimore, MD – Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake – DEMOCRAT
  7. Milwaukee, WI – Mayor Tom Barrett – DEMOCRAT
  8. Birmingham, AL – Mayor William A. Bell – DEMOCRAT
  9. Newark, NJ – Mayor Ras Baraka – DEMOCRAT
  10. Kansas City, MO – Mayor Sly James – Independent (but probably a DEMOCRAT)


***I don't know if you had this experience, but I remember when the unemployment rate was below 5% during Bush's tenure, and people were saying, well, that's just because they ran out of unemployment benefits. You don't hear them saying anything about that now, do you? The economy as a whole was much, much better during the Bush years.

Good piece from IJ Review:

The increase in the “not in labor force” category can be seen among both genders. About 28.5% of men last month said that they weren’t looking for employment, while 40.2% of women agreed. Those numbers are up from 23.9% and 38% in 2000, respectively.
Economic researchers disagree on the extent to which various factors influence the ongoing weakness in the labor participation rate. But they all agree that various aspects of labor market weakness play a significant role in why a higher percentage of Americans are not employed now than at any time since 1978.
So, if anyone tries to point to the falling jobless rate as evidence of a surging economy, be sure to tell them to figure in that it’s falling in large part because Americans have stopped receiving unemployment benefits; in other words, not because they secured a job, but because they decided to stop (or not even start) looking for one.

***Make plans, but remember success comes to those who execute.

Is planning really necessary? Yes. And no.
Yes, because everything you do must have a plan. Particularly if you’re running a business. You can’t just make an investment or jump into a new project without a reason. You have to have a long-term objective in mind and a plan for achieving that objective. Smart business people always have plans. They hate surprises. They want to make sure they’ve thought through all the options. But planning only goes so far. At some point, you’re going to have to actually execute and take a chance.

My company is growing by leaps and bounds. I have liberal friends who like to give Obama the credit. Believe me, I slap that down in a heartbeat. It has nothing to do with Obama, and everything to do with hard work and perseverance. This is still America and great things can still be achieved, in SPITE of the Democrats, not because of them. You just have to work harder at it. I got three more clients yesterday that I wasn't even trying for. When I'm gonna do them, I have no idea. But in business, sometimes you just have to say yes and then figure out how. I may have to hire another typist because the five I have are pretty much maxed out and I don't want to burn them out. They're all great transcriptionists and I'm very thankful for them, therefore I'm not going to abuse them by giving them too much work. I'm just gonna take this a day at a time.

***From Funders & Founders:

Let Go, Keep it Simple, Move Quickly: Secrets to Being a Productive Entrepreneur (Infographic)

I've considered dropping Facebook because I probably spend about an hour altogether in a day, in five minute snippets, reading and posting stuff. I guess since I work at home, it's my link to the outside world. It's a good place to stay in touch with family and friends that you otherwise rarely see. I could be more productive with that hour, but for now I enjoy the pictures of my great-niece and being able to keep up with some of the goings-on in the lives of my family and friends too much to let it go. I did get out of some groups because I was getting caught up in debates and conversations that were eating up too much time - it really is useless and counterproductive to debate with a liberal who still believes that Obama is the Messiah. I can't help myself, though, so I just quit the groups so I wouldn't see the updates. My other guilty pleasure is eBay.

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***The midget fortune teller who kills his customers is a small medium at large.

ar ar ar...I kill myself!

***The Blessing Tree
by John Sharrock

I had gone into a supervisor's office to talk about a couple of issues that needed to be addressed. She, like all of the men and women in her department, had been through the proverbial 'ringer.' The stress was so intense, one could almost taste it. 

I had been assisting the department during a crunch period of being very short-handed, and was watching everyone get close to burn-out. When I inquired about her state of mind, she confessed that her home life was almost non-existent, because she was 'zombie-ing through the evening'. The next words out of her mouth expressed a frustration of my own: "This work is not my gift from God. My family is!" 

I had heard of hanging all of one's problems from the office on a "Trouble Tree" while driving home, to be picked up on the way back to the office in the morning, and for a brief second thought about suggesting that scenario. 

But what came out was: "Why don't we do something different? Let's have a Blessing Tree. On the way home in the evening, we could pull down a blessing to dwell on a character trait we adore in our spouse, a particular reason we love them, the love they or our children have for us, etc. The list could be endless. 

When I tried it on the way home that night, the stress seemed to melt away. There was a 'spring in my step' and when I arrived, a smile of joy and contentment was bubbling up from within! For the first time in 2 weeks, I was overjoyed to greet my wife and children!
The Blessing Tree could make a major difference in your evenings, especially after those REALLY tough days. 

The Only Time A 'Quack Doctor' is a Compliment


“Enlighten the people, generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish” ~~ Thomas Jefferson

***Have a great day!

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