Tuesday, November 25, 2014


***What a mess in Ferguson, Missouri. The grand jury looked at the evidence, heard hundreds of hours of testimony, and came to a decision. That's not good enough for the rabble rousers. I really don't even think they cared what the outcome would be, they just want an excuse to be the thugs they are. If any blood is spilled, in my opinion it's on the hands of Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, et al who did all they could to stir up the people there.

***How do you spell scapegoat? H-A-G-E-L.

***Virginia woman admits $7.2 million child-credit tax fraud.

More than a year after Watchdog reported the IRS sent thousands refunds to the tiny town of Parksley, Va., a woman has pleaded guilty to conspiracy and mail fraud.
Linda Avila admitted to obtaining more than $7.2 million in refunds by exploiting the federal government’s child tax credit program.
Avila filed more than 1,700 tax returns with stolen identifications used by illegal immigrants, mainly from Mexico.
The Virginian-Pilot reported that Avila, 50, operated a landscaping and cleaning business in Parksley.
Investigators found copies of refund checks in amounts from $4,000 to more than $7,000. The tax returns frequently cited foreign dependents, which increased the refund amounts.

This is *one* example. Wonder how many cases of this there are in the U.S.?

***Atheist group loses lawsuit to ban Colorado Day of Prayer.

Well, isn't that tolerant of them? Nobody is going to force them to pray, but they don't want YOU to pray, either. Don't believe for a minute the phony "separation of church & state" baloney.

Chief Justice Nancy E. Rice, who wrote the opinion on behalf of the 5-2 majority, said that those bringing the lawsuit failed to show that any harm done by the annual proclamation was “injury sufficient to establish individual standing.”
Of course there's no harm, they know that. They are simply intolerant of people believing what they claim not to believe.

That Ain't Baby's Breath

***Real ways to make money from home. There are some good ideas here.

During a recent staff-retreat day, our leader asked us to think back to a time when we encountered an “unlikely vessel” of God’s grace. That question reminded me of an experience a few years ago that was an important event in my spiritual life.
I was sitting in a coffee shop waiting for a friend. I was wearing a baseball cap to (somewhat) disguise the fact that chemotherapy had caused me to lose most of my hair. A young man approached my table and said, “May I ask, are you in treatment?” I said yes, and he said, “So is my mom.” After a brief conversation in which he asked me to tell him my story, he said, “I hope it goes well for you.”
Since that encounter, my spiritual discipline has been to approach each person I see who is obviously a cancer patient and offer the opportunity to tell the story of his or her diagnosis and treatment. Their stories are gifts of grace for me. I always offer a prayer for these courageous people, either silently or aloud.
That young man was an unlikely vessel of God’s grace for me. Since that time, my hope has been to be such a vessel for others.

I like that one.

funny animals (7)

***A Smartphone controlled paper airplane? Okay, if you have one of these you have way too much time on your hands.

***But what is liberty without wisdom, and without virtue? It is the greatest of all possible evils; for it is folly, vice, and madness, without tuition or restraint. ~~ Edmund Burke

***Have a great day!

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