Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Oh Poor Me...

***Are you as tired as I am of the bedwetters who are constantly offended about something? This Redskins thing really burns my cookies. Nobody's offended but the chronically unhappy liberals who have to have something to gripe about. Now they're getting the FCC involved.  Now they want to ban the word "Redskins" from the airwaves? What's next? Perhaps I should get a petition together to ban the name "Barack Obama" from the airwaves. That name certainly offends me. However, I'm not a crybaby liberal. Really, now, have you ever seen a happy liberal? Or a sane one, for that matter?

***Fishwrap problems. The New York Times is cutting jobs because of lack of subscribers. Well, if you hadn't abandoned objective journalism for leftist hackery, you might not have these problems.

***Remember the death panels they made so much fun of? Well, it turns out...

***Secret Service director resigns after security breaches. This is part of the Obama administration. Incompetence at every level.


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***This is neat: 113 year old time capsule discovered.

A lion statue perched atop the Old State House in Boston has been hiding a secret for 113 years: He's got a time capsule inside his head, reports WBZ-TV.
When the lion came down for restoration, authorities with the Bostonian Society used a tiny camera to peer inside and confirm an old city rumor: Inside is a sealed copper box that went up with the lion in 1901.
The tricky part now is getting the box out without destroying the lion, and authorities think they'll need a week or so to figure it out.

It'll be interesting to see what's in there.

***Largest fish on earth. Yeesh.
Well, that they know of, anyway.

***The Throat-Clearing President versus the Throat-Cutting Terrorists. Love that title.

Last week, President Obama spoke to the United Nations about the growing threat of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. In the course of that speech, he discussed a wide variety of threats to Western civilization, ranging from Ebola to global warming, from chaos in Syria to China's incursions in the South China Sea. The speech seemed unfocused, meandering. But it held together thanks to one common thread: Barack Obama believes that words solve everything. Particularly his own.
Obama's narcissism isn't mere arrogance. It's messianism. It's pure faith that his verbiage can alter the course of history. "We are here," Obama said, "because others realized that we gain more from cooperation than conquest." Well, actually, no -- the United Nations exists because evil nations were forced through conquest to admit that cooperation might be a more advantageous strategy.

His narcissism knows no bounds.

***Ohmygosh...cutest thing ever!

The Fluffiest Fluff To Ever Fluff!

***The best way to convince a fool that he is wrong is to let him have his own way. ~~ Josh Billings

***Have a great day!

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