Sunday, October 12, 2014

Crazy Days...

***Wow, what a week. I worked 14 hour days and still couldn't keep up. I've gotten quite a bit done this weekend, but I have company coming for dinner so I won't get a lot more done today. Oh well, I'm happy to have the work!

***Wonderful wrap-up this morning to Pastor James' series, "The Miracle of Salvation." Today's topic was eternal security. No matter what, once you've placed your faith in Jesus Christ to save you, nothing or no-one can un-save you. What a wonderful promise!


***"Museum of the Bible" What a wonderful idea!

If Steven Green’s prayers are answered, a new museum will take its place three years from now in Washington, alongside such venerable repositories of art and artifacts as the Smithsonian and the Air and Space and U.S. Holocaust Memorial museums.
Green, the billionaire founder and CEO of Hobby Lobby, has both the bankroll and the exhibits to make his dream, “Museum of the Bible,” a reality. Construction on the eight-floor, 430,000-square-foot building, which could cost an estimated $800 million, is slated to begin within weeks at a location three blocks from the U.S. Capitol.

Can't wait to see the protests from the "loving, tolerant" Left.

***U.S. pledges $212 million in aid to Palestinians. Say what? 

The United States is promising $212 million in immediate assistance to the Palestinians as part of an international effort to rebuild the Gaza Strip after this summer's 50-day war.
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says people in Gaza "need our help desperately -- not tomorrow, not next week, but they need it now."

Here's a newsflash, nimrod. We don't have the money.

***  Right?

what is this supposed to cover

Where Peaceful Waters Flow
by Ken Burroughs

The clouds break forth the streams of light
To dance upon the earth,
And cradled in the sands of time,
Comes a newborn babies'' birth.
A gentle breeze blows through the night,
It whispers through the grass,
And ripples on the water form
As rain glistens on the glass.

And you listen to the sound,
The Lords' presence all around.
He summons us to go
Where peaceful waters flow.

A rainbow arcs across the sky,
A promise is displayed.
The graceful flight of a butterfly,
It takes my breath away.
The autumn leaves in their splendor
Fall gracefully to the earth,
And stars proclaim their song at night,
What is their beauty worth?

And you listen to the sound,
The Lords' presence all around.
He summons us to go
Where peaceful waters flow.

*** Fall!

***The function of socialism is to raise suffering to a higher level. ~~ Norman Mailer

***Have a great day!

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