Saturday, October 25, 2014

Back in the Saddle

***Hey everybody! I hired another typist yesterday, so hopefully I can get back onto the blogging wagon soon. My blogs lately have consisted of grabbing a quick 5 minutes, trying to find something interesting to post, and then getting back to work. Hired someone whom I already work with, already has the access she needs, and requires absolutely no training. Doesn't get any better than that. Maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to cut back on these 14 hour workdays a bit.

***This is interesting - a nuclear car that never requires refueling!

According to Laser Power Systems, this fueling conundrum may soon be an issue relegated to the past. The alternative energy company recently announced a revolutionary concept capable of transforming the way we think of driving: instead of using gas to fuel cars again and again, why not harness thorium and create a vehicle that never needs to be refueled during the course of an average driver’s lifetime? This proposed thorium car would be able to run for a minimum of one hundred years before requiring a refuel. Now, the question is, could a thorium car actually be mass produced and used in place of today’s gas-powered vehicles?

Really interesting piece.

***Washington state high school shooting. Tragic. Cue gun-grabbers in 3...2...1...

***Speaking of guns, I applied for my carry permit this week, should have it soon. Will be practicing with my .38 before I carry it, though, I want to be very familiar and know what I'm doing before I carry. I love to target shoot, but haven't done it for a while. I'm doing this for personal protection. The world around us is going crazy.

***See what I mean about the world going crazy? Woman sets roommate on fire after he tosses leftovers in the trash.

***    It's coming...

how I feel after thanksgiving

***Unique pumpkin carving ideas.

More at the link.

***Larry Kudlow thinks the GOP is going to make more gains in the  next election than anyone thinks, and that it will change Washington in a big way. Oh, how I hope he's right.

The vast majority of political journalists — and I include some of my conservative colleagues — are missing a very big story.

The Republicans are going to recapture the Senate, picking up more seats than most any forecaster expects. And the House GOP is going to add to its majority.

But then comes the big story: The beginning of a new conservative revolution.

The idea that nothing much will change if the GOP captures the whole Congress is just plain wrong. The politics and policies in Washington are about to change in a major way.

Obama may still be president. But he is going to be immediately confronted with a flood of new bills that will change the debate on tax reform, energy, healthcare, education, international trade, and regulations.

Obama will no longer be able to hide behind Harry Reid, who has stopped all voting on these matters. And Mitch McConnell, as Senate majority leader, will be able to move forward the reform ideas of his caucus and House policy leaders like Paul Ryan, Jeb Hensarling, Kevin Brady, and many others.

Obama’s head will spin with all the new paperwork on his desk. He may even have to cut back on his golf game.
To paraphrase Dori - just keep prayin', just keep prayin', just keep prayin' prayin' prayin'...

An Experiment Goes Awry

Besides the Autumn poets sing
A few prosaic days
A little this side of the snow
And that side of the Haze...
Grant me, Oh Lord, a sunny mind—
Thy windy will to bear!
~Emily Dickinson

***Have a great day!

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