Monday, September 22, 2014

HIllary's Alinsky Letters

***I honestly don't know how any red-blooded American can still call themselves a Democrat. Read this piece, and don't be fooled by the media's ham-handed attempts at portraying her as "moderate." She is a radical leftist, and her rule wouldn't be much different than Obama's. Of course, if you're a socialist and like the direction the United States is heading, then I see why you love her. Anyone else? Inform yourself and stop being a pawn.

Why Hillary's Alinsky Letters Matter.

***Billionaires are hoarding piles of cash.  I don't blame them. If I had it, I would too. I don't trust my government right now, sad to say, and I wouldn't put it past the leftists in power right now to seize bank accounts in the name of "the greater good." And yeah, the lemmings who vote for them would think it's just fine to steal money from the long as they get a piece of it.

***Islamic State group calls for attacking Americans. Here's another thing you can blame on our Coward-in-Chief.

***Geez, I need to lighten up. I'm already stressed out about my work, and blogging about this stuff isn't helping.

***Okay, now for something cute...
Cute Sleep Time

***A Florida woman had a 3rd breast added. Why in the world...?? Oh, she wants a reality show. No doubt a lot of nimrods would watch it and make her a millionaire.

***Former head of Marine Corps: Not a "snowball's chance in hell" Obama's plan succeeds. I don't even think Obama cares whether it succeeds or not.

inner peace

***Home Is Where the Heart Is

-- By Al Albrecht, Home Spun Poems
Home is where the heart is, where love should be all the time,
Respect and kindness, and peace and joy, that you can say are mine.
It's where in times of illness, concern comes from the heart,
And little acts of goodness, will always be a part.

Home is where there's hope and joy, and laughter does abound.
No matter when, or where, or how, that's where it's always found.
Don't ever let the blues come in, just pray them out the door,
Just try your best, and keep right on, you'll be a winner sure.

Home is filled with gladness, sadness is never there.
There are miles and miles of praises, you hear them everywhere.
So keep looking up and be cheerful, as cheerful as you can be,
That's the key to never-ending love, in a home for all to see.

Home is where the "River of Love" flows like a mighty stream,
It's banks are full to overflowing, like a never-ending dream.
Yes, times may come and times may go, but let me tell you this,
The home where God is worshipped, is the home that He will bless.

So hang in there, dear friend of mine, it's worth it all the time,
From early morn til eventide, with God always by your side.
Sure man you picked a winner, with me you must agree,
Just take time out, they will get better, pray and wait and see.

***Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it by the handle of anxiety, or by the handle of faith. ~Author Unknown

***Have a great day!

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