Monday, September 1, 2014

At A Loss

***Just saw a big Labor Day post by Bernie Sanders (Socialist) talking about how we need to do more for the "working families" in America, blah blah blah. I got into a "discussion" with the liberals who agree with him and say we need to make a "change" in Washington, elect more Democrats, etc. After I got my jaw off my keyboard, I tried to point out that Democrats have had majority power since 2006 and Republicans haven't had the power to obstruct what liberals want to do, but do you think that made a dent? They absolutely will not hear reason, AT ALL. No fault whatsoever attributed to Obama - the complete and utter chaos in America and the world today is the fault of Republicans and George W. Bush. I kid you not. I guess I get into a little bit of a bubble on my conservative news sites, and sometimes forget that there are a lot of truly uninformed, robotic liberal sycophants who are completely oblivious to the way things really are. It's not hard to see how the radical Islamists brainwash their people. They bring them up from childhood to hate, and it's all they know. The extreme liberal faction in America today watches only liberal newscasts and read only liberal news sites, and yes, they're brainwashed and absolutely unmovable. I try to read their posts in other areas sometimes, but man, the level of animosity and hate toward the right is unbelievable. It's kinda creepy, really, and very disheartening.

Here's the old coot's message that has liberals swooning:

Today, we salute the trade union movement and all Americans who are fighting for the needs of working families.
The sad reality of today’s America is that while the wealthiest people and largest corporations are doing phenomenally well, the middle class is disappearing and millions of Americans are working longer hours for lower wages. Congress must start listening to the needs of ordinary Americans, not just the billionaire class and their lobbyists.
We can create millions of new jobs by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure and dramatically improve life for low-wage workers by raising the minimum wage. We need new trade policies to prevent corporations from throwing American workers out on the street and running to China for cheap labor and we need new tax policies so they can’t stash their profits in foreign tax havens. We need real campaign finance reform so that the Koch brothers and other billionaires are no longer able to buy elections.
In other words, we need an agenda that works for all Americans, and not just the very rich.

Except that minimum wage never works, there is no Constitutional authority for the government to interfere in business, the reason companies seek to protect their money is to keep their government from taking what they earn, and the line about the Koch brothers just makes me want to barf. I guess he has never heard of George Soros. Now THERE is a dude who buys elections, but he buys the correct ones, so it's okay to the old hypocrite. Wonder why Sanders never gets upset about his boss rubbing shoulders with gazillionaires like Beyonce and Jay-Z? 

***Libyan militants hold pool party at U.S. Embassy in Tripoli. How embarrassing. Obama's probably on the back 9 or at a fundraiser, so I guess this will have to wait before he decides to deal with it.


***Mother of the Year:

A stripper in Florida is facing criminal charges after hanging up on a deputy from the Pasco Sheriff’s Department who called about the woman’s missing 10-year-old daughter.
The sheriff’s office report about Bobbey Jo Boucher says she hung up on the deputy Wednesday after she told him that she “had to get on stage.” MyFox Tampa Bay said the deputy had contacted the 29-year-old about her missing daughter at the Calendar Girls strip club in the City of Hudson.
The deputy’s complaint says he was trying to gather information from Boucher so that he could file a missing persons report on her daughter, WTSP reported. The station said Boucher later said she put the deputy on hold to take another call.
The girl had been reported missing by her grandmother. The grandmother said the girl and Boucher had gone to a BBQ joint up the street from the strip club. Boucher told the deputy she left the girl there to go to work. The girl was found unharmed. She reportedly was missing about four hours.


***The Facekini:

It's called the "Facekini," and it has been popular in Far Eastern cultures for years, according to NBC News. As you can see in the photos at the top of this page, it's a warm-weather accessory that's worn to the beach by middle-aged Chinese women to protect skin from the sun's rays, the report adds.
And it's all fine and well if this horrifying accessory stays overseas, but fashion designers in New York City want to bring it to the United States.

Follow the link to see pictures of this. It's creepy.



My Heart Leaps Up

My heart leaps up when I behold
A Rainbow in the sky:
So was it when my life began;
So is it now I am a man;
So be it when I shall grow old,
Or let me die!
The Child is father of the man;
And I wish my days to be
Bound each to each by natural piety.

by William Wordsworth

***Make sure you have finished speaking before your audience has finished listening. ~~ Dorothy Sarnoff

***Have a great day!

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