Wednesday, August 20, 2014


***Note this from Laura Ingraham: “What do you think would have happened, guys, if tea party activists, right, came to Washington D.C. after the IRS scandal broke and decided to start smashing windows, rampaging through neighborhoods, throwing fire bombs. What do you think Eric Holder and Barack Obama would do? Would they start saying, ‘Well, we understand that people are angry, we really get your emotion here, but this isn’t acceptable.' Do you really think there would have been this nuanced language, this emoting that has become the pastime of this administration?” gotta be the "right" color and/or in the "right" party in order to get away with that stuff.

***6 reasons Obamacare can win the Senate for the GOP. They have to be willing to use it, though.

***Obama made a tepid, weak-kneed, trying to be tough but sounding like the mushball he is statement about the sickening video showing a terrorist beheading a journalist....then trotted back to the golf course.

Really weighing heavy on his mind, isn't it?

Notice he had to defend his brothers:
'ISIL speaks for no religion,' he said, aiming his words at the Islamist faction that claims to have established a Muslim caliphate in portions of Syria and Iraq. 'Their victims are overwhelmingly Muslim, and no faith teaches people to massacre innocents.'

I'll let you draw your own conclusions there.

***Attack on Ferguson cop, "He was beaten very severely." Think this will make it into the major newscasts? Of course not. They want you feeling sorry for the thugs rioting. The only place you're going to see this is on Fox News, or some overseas newspaper.

This won't slow down the rent-a-mobs. Heck no, this has never been about justice. 


1. A knotted necklace
Never waste time desperately tugging at tangled jewelry again. Loosen the knot with a little baby powder and use a pin to pull it apart.
2. Musty furniture
I like to keep drawers fresh with a sprinkle of baby powder under drawer liners,” says Becky at Clean Mama. “This is especially great with antique furniture that has that old smell.”
3. Greasy hair
Most dry shampoos are starch-based, so baby powder has a similar effect in a pinch. Sprinkle some on your hands and massage it through your scalp to soak up excess oil.
4. A sweltering summer night
Crawling into a hot, sticky bed is no one's definition of nighttime relaxation. Dust powder between your sheets to help absorb sweat and keep things cool.
5. A stuck-together deck of cards
When poker night gets messy, toss the playing cards into a paper bag with a few tablespoons of powder and give them a good shake. Then wipe them with a paper towel.
6. A family of ants
Keep these intruders out of your kitchen by blocking their path with powder (they're not fans of the scent).

More at the link. Never say you don't learn important stuff from my blog!

Einstein was 4 years old before he could speak.

Iassc Newton did poorly in grade school and was considered "unpromising."

When Thomas Edison was a youngster, his teacher told him he was too stupid to learn anything. He was counseled to go into a field where he might succeed by virtue of his pleasant personality.

F.W. Woolworth got a job in a dry goods store when he was 21, but his boss would not permit him to wait on customers because he "didn't have enough sense to close a sale."

Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team.

Bob Cousy suffered the same fate, but he too is a Hall of Famer.

A newspaper editor fired Walt Disney because he "lacked imagination and had no original ideas."

Winston Churchill failed the 6th grade and had to repeat it because he did not complete the tests that were required for promotion.

Babe Ruth struck out 1,300 times, a major league record.


***Gun-grabber Bloomberg's epic fail in Milwaukee. Good.


***Have a great day!

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