Thursday, August 14, 2014

Obama's Achievement

***Yes, our president is very close to achieving quite a milestone.

As Barack “Eldrick” Obama approaches his 200th round of golf since his election as president, here’s a fact to put that into perspective: Since January 2009, Tiger Woods has played 269 rounds of golf.
And Tiger, beleaguered by injury, is almost certainly done for the year. So that means the president, if he keeps up with his pace of play during his 15-day vacation in Martha’s Vineyard (a round a day) and his normal weekly round, will pass Tiger sometime next spring.
Think about that for a minute. The president of the U.S., juggling the American economy and the entire world’s problems — Iraq is in full meltdown, the Middle East is a powder keg, Russia is moving on Ukraine — has played golf nearly as much as a guy whose day job is playing golf.
For someone who keeps saying he will "not rest" until (fill in the blank), he sure seems to take a lot of time off.

***Looting, trashing, completely lawless riots in Missouri, and who does Obama scold? Why, the police, of course.

The president said he spoke Thursday to Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon about his concern “over the violent turn of events” as police have confronted protesters for several nights in a row.
He said “there’s no excuse” for police to use excessive force against peaceful protesters or “bullying” journalists, but the president also said protesters should not attack police officers.

Sure was nice of him to add on that last little afterthought.

***Krauthammer: Hillary showing a blatant display of Clinton inauthenticity. Amazing that there are people in this country who nearly worship those two.


***Schumer is introducing legislation to keep companies from protecting their money. That's all it is - Democrats absolutely cannot stand the thought of not squeezing every last dime out of, well, anyone who happens to have one. Oh, but wouldn't it be interesting to take a microscope to the holdings of their rich donors? You know that will never happen.

Senator Charles Schumer released a proposal today that would limit deductions available for U.S. companies that take a foreign address to reduce their taxes. Schumer, a New York Democrat, wants to curb a practice known as “earnings stripping,” in which companies that engage in inversion transactions then load up their U.S. operations with debt and reduce their U.S. taxable income.
“We cannot stand idly by while corporate deserters abuse and avoid the U.S. tax system,” Schumer said in a statement today. “This proposal is just one piece of the puzzle needed to address corporate inversions.”

Well yes, of course! That money really belongs to the government, right? Excuse me, but socialists suck.

***Remember them?

That's the cast of Home Improvement. I need to start getting that from Netflix. I've seen some shows, of course, and liked them. I've never been a regular TV watcher, though, and most of them I haven't seen. The ones I saw were clean and funny and free of the bathroom humor so prevalent now. 

***Seth Myers: 
Yesterday Fox News medical expert Dr. Keith Ablow told viewers that Michelle Obama needs to drop a few. So I think there's a good chance Michelle Obama is going to drop Dr. Keith Ablow.

The Kardashians are refusing to start filming their 10th season until the people who burglarized their homes over the past few months have been caught. So let that be a message to those burglars. Stay hidden! Trust nobody! You're our only hope!

Scientists at the University of Illinois think they may have found a way to stop cancer cell growth using venom from bees, snakes, and scorpions. Because apparently cancer cells stop growing when you're dead.

Steubenville High School in Ohio has allowed a newly released sex offender to rejoin its football team just months after being released from jail. High school? It sounds like he's ready for the NFL.

***Pretty. :-)

***Have a great day!

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