Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Made Up Facts

***I am really sick of this thug Michael Brown being treated like a saint. He was given a hero's funeral, for heaven's sake. Here are some hard truths his frankly very stupid supporters choose to ignore.

Brown’s own cousin, Eric Davis, eulogized the dead thug by calling on the weeping voting bloc to, head to the polls, vote for change and said…“enough of the senseless killings.”
Senseless killings?

We don’t even know for a fact what happened. The investigation is still under way. There are witness reports in direct contradiction to one another. None of that matters to those who are turning this punk into a saint. They’ve made up their minds and no facts, should the facts fly in the face of mob mentality, will change their minds.brown 2
Davis went on to say that Mike Brown, his cousin, was a “big guy, but a kind, gentle soul,” who said that one day, the whole world would know his name.
He apparently didn’t say why but, according to Davis…”He did not know he was offering up a divine prophecy at that time.”
Mike Brown…thug…flasher of gang signs, poser in photos while giving the finger to the world.
Mike Brown who, just scant minutes before becoming the latest martyr to the ‘we’re black and we’re pissed’ collective of the liberal ‘gimme, gimme because I deserve it or I’ll just steal it’ drains on the system, stole from a convenience store and strong armed the shopkeeper has now been lifted from  his self-imposed victim’s life to the deliverer of a “divine prophecy” in his death.
Obviously, all Mike Brown had to do to achieve immortality was…die at the hand of a white cop.

Read the whole thing, and remember if a white man dies at the hand of a black cop, nobody even knows about it - and we don't loot and riot in the street.

***How Obama caused ISIS - and how he could remedy it. But, we all know he won't, don't we?

***Obama is apparently planning to bypass Congress - and the Constitution - in order to get a climate treaty. Geez, it makes me sick that he's our president.


***So much work, so little time...

***Civil War officer to receive Medal of Honor 151 years after death at Gettysburg.*


***"Our society strives to avoid any possibility of offending anyone—except God."
Billy Graham

***Have a great day!

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