Friday, August 15, 2014

Ignore the Food Police!

***It seems every day we get more warnings about how awful just about everything we eat is for us. I totally ignore the posts that tell me Diet Coke is gonna kill me. Those "studies" usually have fine print that say I'd have to drink 3 gallons a day to suffer the dire consequences in their headlines.

Case in point: Salt. 

New research suggests that healthy people can eat about twice the amount of salt that’s currently recommended — or about as much as most people consume anyway. The controversial findings could potentially undercut widespread public health messages about salt.
An international study of more than 100,000 people published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that while there is a relationship between salt intake and high blood pressure, if you don’t already have high blood pressure and you’re not over 60 or eating way too much salt, salt won’t have much impact on your blood pressure. 
In fact, people who consumed 3,000 to 6,000 milligrams per day had a lower risk of death and cardiovascular events than those who had more than 6,000 mg or less than 3,000 mg.

**Epic hypocrite: No, this time I'm not talking about Obama. I'm talking about Tom Steyer:

We have Tom Steyer’s number. He is a liberal billionaire who, having made a fortune investing in old-fashioned energy companies, now styles himself a scourge of global warming. Nevertheless, judging by the temperature under my own collar, he is still contributing to it in his own way. Steyer is a monstrous hypocrite. See John Hinderaker’s post “The epic hypocrisy of Tom Steyer,” as well as the follow-up “New York Times edition” as well.
Steyer’s money makes him beloved among Democrats. He has committed to raise and spend some $100 million ($50 million of it his own money) to the Democrats in the 2014 elections in light of their efforts to do his bidding on what goes under the rubric of “climate,” the “warming” thing having failed to kick in. On Steyer’s bidding, see, for example, Ed O’Keefe’s Washington Post report “What the Senate’s all-nighter on climate change is really all about.” It’s not exactly what George Washington Plunkitt dubbed “honest graft,” but it’s close.

Being rich is only evil if you're a conservative.

***Okay, now that's cute...

***12 reasons you can't lose weight. Some of these are interesting....if the stress and sleep things are true, that would explain why I'm stuck in this rut.

***Pretty flower ideas:

Love this idea:

***Confessions of a disillusioned Democrat, by Joe Piscopo.

***Illegal immigrant children get first class treatment at taxpayers' expense. While at the same time, some of our veterans are homeless and jobless. Figure that one out.


***If you wouldst live long, live well, for folly and wickedness shorten life. ~~ Benjamin Franklin

***Have a great day!

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