Friday, August 1, 2014

Eatin' & Shoppin'

***Had a great time this afternoon with Emily & Johnathan. We met at Olive Garden in Fairborn for lunch, then went shopping at Sam's Club and Target. Wish Mark could have been with us. Always wonderful to be with my kids. :-)

***W. Virginia Attorney General files lawsuit against Barack Obama for failure to execute the law. Well, that should be easy to prove.

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey today announced that the State of West Virginia filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia challenging President Barack Obama’s practice of cherry-picking which laws his Administration will enforce.

The lawsuit alleges the President and his Administration have repeatedly demonstrated that they will change or ignore certain laws or statutes in order to promote or protect their political agenda. The lawsuit cites several instances where the Administration has ignored the law on immigration matters, environmental and mining regulations, and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  

“The President cannot pick and choose which laws to follow and which to ignore on the basis of political convenience,” Attorney General Morrisey said. “West Virginia knows first-hand the consequences that the administration’s illegal and flawed interpretation of the law can have on our coal mining jobs. This lawsuit simply asks the Court to require the Obama Administration to follow the laws and restore the constitutional boundaries on presidential authority. Unfortunately, the President has shown time and again that he is willing to ignore or go around Congress to promote his agenda, and that can’t continue. Prevailing in this lawsuit will help our state’s efforts to limit the President’s activities in important areas that have painful implications on coal miners and West Virginia’s economy.”

Can't argue with any of that.

***Brazen attacks against border security. Our media, other than Fox News, is ignoring this - along with the President of the United States. This is so shameful.

A game warden hit in the head with a rock while trying to seize a raft. Police officers wounded in an hours-long standoff with a gang member wanted for murder. Criminals spewing obscenities and death threats at local cops before asking for – and receiving – medical treatment.
And that was just last week.
A weekly report distributed by a Texas state agency to senior law enforcement officials paints a grim picture of the Mexican border, where authorities regularly confront illegal immigrant gang members and draw automatic gunfire from across the Rio Grande, and where local, state and federal authorities fight a never-ending battle against drug smugglers.

Obama should be removed from office on the basis of the immigration crisis alone.

***Hey y'all, what's wrong with a drawl?

***Confessions of a fed-up flight attendant. 

I know more than one fellow flight attendant who has had the uncomfortable situation of having to tell a woman that she can’t breastfeed her … cat! You read that right: Breastfeeding. A. Cat. And this isn’t an isolated incident.
There are all types of people out there, and some of them are very “interesting.” Their response is always the same: “I’m just feeding my ‘baby.’” But it’s not a baby, it’s a cat!

You gotta be kidding...

“Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing?” my colleague said, raising her eyebrows and pointing with her eyes to the mother and son at the window. My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw the boy standing on the seat naked, his mother holding him as he peed into one of our plastic beverage cups.
I don’t know if she didn’t have time to get to the bathroom or simply didn’t want to get up. It was just wrong on many levels. One thing I knew for sure is that when we went to pick up trash, she would be handing that glass full of amber liquid (that isn’t apple juice) back to us.

Oh, there's more at the link.



***8 TV dads who had a positive impact. This is a good story. Seems like all you can find now is perversion and bathroom humor - which is why I never watch TV.


***The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public.~ George Jessel

***Have a great day!

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