Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Crisis Du Jour

***Rush was making some great points today on his show. Manmade global warming has pretty much been debunked, but it's a good moneymaker and scare tactic, so the liberals just won't let go. The fact is the climate hasn't warmed for 16 years. The climate is cyclical - it goes up and down, the point is we have nothing to do with it. However, claiming we have has made Al Gore and a lot of liars just like him rich, so they're going to keep it up. Just watch the headlines. If there's a crisis, real or imagined, they say it's caused by global warming. Hurricanes heading toward Hawaii? Global warming. They're even trying to say that global warming will make the Ebola virus spread faster, or some such nonsense. Whatever it is, if it's negative they're going to say global warming is the cause, or at least part of it. I wonder if low information voters will ever wise up. Rush said it best today:

***You can't make this stuff up: The Denver Wrangler, a popular gay bar, has been cited for discriminating against a gay man, because the gay man in question was dressed like a woman.


***"If Obama doesn't follow the Constitution, we don't have to."

Thank you, clueless Obama voter.


***What the Left won't tell you about black crime.

Crime began rising precipitously in the 1960s after the Supreme Court, under Chief Justice Earl Warren, started tilting the scales in favor of the criminals. Some 63 percent of respondents to a Gallup poll taken in 1968 judged the Warren Court, in place from 1953 to 1969, too lenient on crime; but Warren’s jurisprudence was sup­ported wholeheartedly by the liberal intellectuals of that era, as well as by politicians who wanted to shift blame for criminal behavior away from the criminals. Popular books of the time, like Karl Menninger’s “The Crime of Punishment,” argued that “law and order” was an “inflammatory” term with racial overtones. “What it really means,” said Menninger, “is that we should all go out and find the n–– and beat them up.”

Read the piece, it's really interesting.

When people experience tragedy, “Why?” is probably the most common question they ask.
Can you relate?
Maybe that’s because trauma shakes our lives to the core, leaving us so disoriented and confused that nothing seems to make sense. It’s only natural, then, that we wonder, “Why me?” or “Why did this have to happen?”
It was a question Lindsey O’Connor’s family had to wrestle with after she experienced complications post childbirth and slipped into a lengthy coma. What answers did they discover in the wake of their struggles? Lindsey tells her story in our two-part program, “Surviving a Coma: My Miraculous Awakening.”
In part, they learned that when disaster rocks our lives at a foundational level, we need something to comfort us that goes deeper still. And what can we count on in life to do that? Only two things – the love and support of family and friends, and, most importantly, the bedrock of our faith in Jesus Christ. Nothing besides love and an eternal perspective can reach into our suffering and bring us true comfort.

***Can you relate?


Making the best of you

They say 'make the best of a bad situation.' But I believe the bad situation makes the best of you. Even the irritations of life can be useful. President Abraham Lincoln showed us how this is so.

One of his cabinet appointees, Edwin Stanton, frequently found flaws with the president and criticized him - sometimes in public. Lincoln seemed to show excessive patience with him. The president was asked why he kept such a man in a high level position.

Lincoln characteristically responded with a story. He told about a time he was visiting with an old farmer. He noticed a big horsefly biting the flank of the farmer's horse. Lincoln said he reached over to brush the fly away. As he did so, the farmer stopped him and cautioned, 'Don't do that, friend. That horsefly is the only thing keeping this old horse moving.'

Even life's many irritations and problems have their place. They may cause us to change directions. Or prod us to greater achievement. Or keep us moving along when it's easier to go nowhere.

Are you simply making the best of a bad situation, or will it make the best of you?
Written by Steve Goodier

***I say luck is when an opportunity comes along, and you're prepared for it. ~~ Denzel Washington

***Have a great day!

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