Sunday, July 20, 2014


***Well, the whole weekend, actually. Not exactly a relaxing one! We have been working on my office and Saturday we got everything out (quite a feat in itself), washed the walls and ceiling, primed the walls and ceiling, and Mark cleaned the carpet. How I wish I had taken a before picture! He performed a miracle on that carpet. I thought it was ruined, it was absolutely black where the CPU tower had been, and there were stains all over it, it really looked bad. It looks great now! Comes in handy to be married to a carpet cleaner. (Premium Carpet Care, 765-966-8080). :-) I was so tired last night I could barely move. I got some work done yesterday, but had to unhook everything so we could paint, etc. so the afternoon and evening were gone. I was pretty proud of myself last night, though, got everything hooked back up and running on the first try.

This morning I played hooky from church because I needed to get some work done. I went to pick my mother up to go to a calling at the funeral home for my cousin's husband, but we were going to run some errands first. So, we're walking out of K-Mart and she was waiting for me to bring the car around. I was walking away when I heard "Oh!" I turned around and she was on the pavement. Scared the liver out of me. She has been taking Lyrica and one of the side effects is it makes her muscles jerk sometimes. Her knees just buckled. She didn't fall hard and she was fine, but it was so scary to see her down on the pavement like that. Some very nice people got to her before me and helped her up. Sheesh, mother, don't do that to me. Needless to say, she's going to stop taking Lyrica. on we go. I needed to go to Office Max (of course, you always forget something when you're redoing a room), and we stopped to have some lunch at Frisch's. The line was too long, so we decided to go back out to the car and go through the drive through. I turned the key and....nothing. Just like last week. Same car, same problem. You gotta be kidding me. Mark had to come & get us. We did make it to the calling, by golly. Now I'm home and our handyman and Mark have the office painted and almost have my desk that helps lift my spirits a bit. It looks great! I'm going to take my time getting stuff back in there and be ORGANIZED.

Well, better get some work done. I hope your Sunday has gone a little more smoothly than mine!

***Prosperity is only an instrument to be used, not a deity to be worshipped. ~~ Calvin Coolidge

***Have a great day!

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