Thursday, July 10, 2014

Oh Brother...

***Obama has been nominated for an Emmy. Give me a break.

President Barack Obama may have to clear out another space on the White House trophy room shelf — his March 11 appearance on "Between Two Ferns" has been nominated for an Emmy award.

If Obama wins, it would be his third entertainment award, after two Grammy awards in the best spoken album category for "The Audacity of Hope" in 2008 and "Dreams From My Father" in 2006. His other awards include the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, of course, and the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Literature.

Obama's wisecracking, 6½–minute appearance on show, a faux interview website show hosted by comic actor Zach Galifianakis, has been nominated for an Outstanding Short-Form Live-Action Entertainment Program. It has some seriously stiff competition, including Bruno Mars' appearance at the Super Bowl halftime show and a "True Detective" parody from "The Soup."
Let me hasten to say that none of those awards impress me. I avoid those plastic, phony baloney shows like the plague. This type of thing is one reason why.

A federal judge has ordered the IRS to explain "under oath" how the agency lost a trove of emails from the official at the heart of the Tea Party targeting scandal.
U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan gave the tax agency 30 days to file a declaration by an "appropriate official" to address the computer issues with ex-official Lois Lerner.

This should be interesting.

***Court decision looms in subsidy challenge that could unravel Obamacare. Hopin' and prayin'.

 A few blocks down the street from where the U.S. Supreme Court recently issued its ruling in the Hobby Lobby case, a powerful federal appeals court is preparing its own decision in a case that could cause serious complications for ObamaCare.
The case, Halbig v Sebelius, is a major legal challenge that cuts to the heart of the Affordable Care Act by going after the legality of massive federal subsidies and those who benefit from them.
A ruling could come as early as Friday.
In the case, the plaintiff claims the Obama administration – in particular, the Internal Revenue Service -- is breaking the law by offering tax subsidies in all 50 states to offset the cost of health insurance. The suit maintains that the language in ObamaCare actually restricts subsidies to state-run exchanges -- of which there are only 14 -- and does not authorize them to be given in the 36 states that use the federally run system, commonly known as


***This is no surprise: News outlets lie for Obama, say he visited border. He didn't.

And the headline is:  "President Obama Visits the Border."  Well, why bother going to the border when you have news agencies that will lie for you and tell their readers that you've been when you haven't been?  "Reuters, Yahoo Busted for Bogus Headline About Obama at Border," complete with pictures.  The picture was taken in Denver.  The picture was taken in Denver, which is landlocked.  We do not have a national border anywhere near Colorado.  Colorado is not a border state.  But if you scroll through the Reuters slideshow posted at Yahoo News you're gonna see pictures of Obama in several places, none of which could remotely be considered the border, and this slideshow is headlined with, "President Obama Visits the Border."  I kid you not.  So why even bother going, if you're Obama, when you've got suck-up, sycophant lying news agencies that will tell their idiot, stupid readers that you were there?  Why bother going?


***Chef makes delicious food from pine needles, bark, and moss. Um, no.

***Doritos Roulette?

If you don’t like playing games with your food, then it’s probably best to avoid Doritos’ latest snack.
Doritos Roulette was unveiled in Canada last month, and the name suggests, eating the chips is almost as dangerous as it sounds. In every bag of regular Nacho Cheese-flavored chips, about 25 percent are insanely, eye-wateringly spicy, according to FoodBeast.
Of course these spiced chips look exactly like every other chip--so there's no telling until you pop one in your mouth.
If you’re brave enough to play, make sure to keep a cool beverage on hand.
No word yet on if or when Doritos Roulette will make a U.S. debut.

***After two years in Washington, I often long for the realism and sincerity of Hollywood.~~ Fred Thompson

***Have a great day!

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