Friday, June 27, 2014

Dirty Tricks

***This is the kind of thing Thad Cochran had to resort to in order to beat the Tea Party challenger in Mississippi. When Republicans start stooping to Democrat tactics, it's pretty much over.

The Cochran supporters’ arrangement with Bickers is especially notable, given the role of racial politicking generally and of one sketchy robo-call ​in particular that raised the ire of Tea Party voters as the race drew to a close. Near the end of the runoff campaign, a recording came to light — it was first reported by investigative reporter Charles Johnson – of a racially tinged call that urged voters to combat the Tea Party by casting a ballot for Cochran. It accused the Tea Party of “disrespectful treatment of the country’s first African-American president.” The Cochran campaign has denied any connection to the call, and Barbour says the call was not from the Mississippi Conservatives PAC or from Bickers. He believes, he says, that Bickers placed two automated calls to African-American households.

Doesn't matter if you paid for that particular call. You associated yourself with this crooked, race-baiting hack, so don't try to act all innocent when she acts like what she is. This makes me sick. How black people can continue to allow themselves to be lied to and deceived by people they think are on their side is beyond me.

***Recovering from meditation? Okay, this I've never heard of. I think meditation is a little weird, but just chalked it up to stuff other people did that I don't want to do, and more power to 'em if they like it - kinda like yoga. This story contends there's a dark side. Draw your own conclusions.

Set back on quiet College Hill in Providence, Rhode Island, sits a dignified, four story, 19th-century house that belongs to Dr. Willoughby Britton. Inside, it is warm, spacious, and organized. The shelves are stocked with organic foods. A solid wood dining room table seats up to 12. Plants are ubiquitous. Comfortable pillows are never far from reach. The basement—with its own bed, living space, and private bathroom—often hosts a rotating cast of yogis and meditation teachers. Britton’s own living space and office are on the second floor. The real sanctuary, however, is on the third floor, where people come from all over to rent rooms, work with Britton, and rest. But they're not there to restore themselves with meditation—they're recovering from it.
"I started having thoughts like, 'Let me take over you,' combined with confusion and tons of terror," says David, a polite, articulate 27-year-old who arrived at Britton’s Cheetah House in 2013. "I had a vision of death with a scythe and a hood, and the thought 'Kill yourself' over and over again."
Michael, 25, was a certified yoga teacher when he made his way to Cheetah House. He explains that during the course of his meditation practice his "body stopped digesting food. I had no idea what was happening." For three years he believed he was "permanently ruined" by meditation.

Read the rest, it's interesting.

***Shia Lebouf obviously can't control himself. Too bad, I liked him in "Holes."

***Good news! Chocolate is actually good for you - and business. I guess there's a limit, though...

Entrepreneurial chocoholics are getting inventive; in fact, Mintel says the surge in chocolate sales is being driven by “outrageous” flavors, noting, “the number of chocolate products flavored with lemon has doubled over the past year.”
Mintel says there’s a growing trend in treating chocolate like wine, using similar marketing language, boasting about the “bold and fruity” flavor of some brands or the “fine and rare cocoa” used in others.
Chocolate-covered vegetables have been wildly popular in Asia, and are just taking off here in the U.S. Mintel predicts edamame covered with chocolate will be 2014’s favorite. Other favorites include chocolate-covered Pistachio nuts, peaches and chocolate, granola and muesli mixed with chocolate, or chocolate bars flavored with edible flowers (like hibiscus), a specialty of entrepreneurial chocolatier Wild Ophelia.

Chocolate-covered vegetables? Hmmm...okay, there's my limit.


***Unbelievable. Bill Clinton is blaming Dick Cheney for what is happening in Iraq. The war was WON, you idiot, and your president along with your party have given that victory away. Are ANY of you man enough to take responsibility for anything??

"Cheney has been incredibly adroit for the last six years or so attacking the administration for not doing an adequate job of cleaning up the mess that he made. And I think it's unseemly."

 Check that out. Bill Clinton accusing someone else of doing something "unseemly." Excuse me while I lose my lunch.
"I give President Bush, by the way, a lot of credit for trying to stay out of this debate and letting other people work through it," Clinton said.

Something you haven't been able to do since leaving office. You're a despicable weasel, sir.

***U.S. is eighth most-worsened nation. Yeah, that's probably Bush and Cheney's fault too, right guys?

The United States tied with Singapore and Thailand for the eighth most-worsened country on the 2014 Fragile States Index, an annual report by the Washington-based nonprofit Fund for Peace that scores global political, economic, and social pressures experienced by states.

While the index is dominated by underdeveloped nations, the United States ranked eighth on the list of most-worsened, and was tied with Singapore, and one spot below France, which earned its position due to "political and economic malaise," according to CNN.

***Have a great day!

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