Saturday, May 17, 2014

Stealing Some Time

***I have a few minutes to blog before picking my mom & aunt up for yard saling and the Amish store. Yes, it has been another one of those weeks. I have hired a new girl, though, and hopefully that will take some of the pressure off. The extra office was just too much to handle without another person. I guess you could say I'm expanding my company. I'm praying for nice weather this afternoon, my former pastor's daughter is getting married today, and they're hoping to do it outside. I think it's supposed to be mostly sunny and about 60, so hopefully they'll be able to do that.

***Adorable sleeping animals. Okay, I'm not animal worshiper. But you gotta admit, these are cute!

This is how I feel at the end of the day...

Well, that looks comfy...

I dunno, I think this one's dead...

Heehee! Remind you of anyone?

Okay, enough of that...

***Democrat dark money.

Over at Vice, Lee Fang, an investigative fellow with The Nation Institute, looks at some of the "dark money" flowing around Democratic political circles. Turns out some secret sources of Democrat campaign funding are the very mega-companies many progressives rail against, especially when they're donating to Republican causes.

Liberals are lying hypocrites, period.

***Keystone XL pipeline likely done for the year. There is no downside to building that pipeline. Obama and the Democrats need to pay dearly for this in November.

 Political action on approval of the final phase of the Keystone XL Pipeline is likely done for the year after the Senate fell five votes short of invoking cloture on an energy bill to which Republicans were trying to attach an amendment that would approve construction on Keystone. The Hill reports: The Senate standoff left green groups confident that Keystone would not be approved this year, and that it was dead for the rest of the Obama era.

"Keystone is not going to become law under this president," Daniel. J Weiss, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, told The Hill on Monday.

Let me say again that these "green groups" don't care one whit about the environment. They are about money and control.


***Michelle Obama sounds alarm on growing segregation. Oh please. They're all about firing up their base. Gotta make sure people think there are still lynchings going on.

Sixty years after the Supreme Court outlawed “separate but equal” schools for blacks and whites, civil rights advocates say American schools are becoming increasingly segregated, while the first lady, Michelle Obama, lamented that “many young people are going to schools with kids who look just like them.”
“Today, by some measures, our schools are as segregated as they were back when Dr. King gave his final speech,” Mrs. Obama told 1,200 graduating high school seniors Friday here in the city that gave rise to the landmark Brown v. Board of Education case.

Hmmmm...where do your girls go to school?

***You've heard of the crazy cat ladies? I think I found a crazy pug lady.

***A genius is one who shoots at something no one else can see — and hits it. ~Author Unknown

***Have a great day!

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