Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"Reined In?"

***Hillary is all for "reining in" our Constitutional right to bear arms. Too bad she's never been able to rein in her husband.

***Another terribly busy week. I hope this calms down soon, it's about to do me in.

***Ted Cruz releases definitive list of 76 "lawless actions" by Barack Obama. Only 76?

***Father who protested a racy novel being assigned to his daughter without his permission is arrested. This is sickening. Follow the link, and tell me if you'd let YOUR kids read this.

***Report: Obamacare tax could cost 286,000 jobs, billions in sales. THEY.DON'T.CARE. It's all about power.


Nearer In Service
Poet: John McLeod

Write these few words
And then put down the pen,
Briefly, I hope, before I write again,
Surely to find in days that are to be
Nearer in service my dear Lord to Thee!

Look to the light
And in your searching friend,
Know that His love will guide to journey's end,
Open your eyes there is so much to see
Nearer in service, my dear Lord to Thee!

Into each heart
Let joy of living spring,
And with a gentle word some kindness bring,
Yours is the gift of giving, choice quite free,
Nearer in service, my dear Lord to Thee!

***I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts. ~~ John Locke

***Have a great day!

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