Saturday, April 12, 2014


***Yesterday was another one of those days - every day is turning out to be that way lately! I'm blogging on my laptop as I run Malwarebytes on my PC. Haven't done that for a while. I can always tell when it's time because those annoying little ads with the sound pop up when I'm browsing. Hey, wouldn't it be nice if we could run a Malware program through every branch of government every once in a while? I know, we call that "elections," but it seems that even our election process has become corrupted. When Democrats fight so zealously against voter ID, you know there's a problem.

***Such class - Obama attends two fundraisers after making obligatory appearance at the memorial for those slain at Fort Hood.  Gosh, that sounds familiar...

****EPA coal rules leave US vulnerable to power blackouts. What do they care? Then the Democrats can swoop in and claim to fix the problem...which they caused in the first place. Happens all the time, and their low information voters fall for it every single time.

***How the minimum wage increased unemployment in 2103. The liberals know this. They're pandering for votes from their low information base, who apparently don't know any better. Unemployment goes up, they blame the Republicans, and the cycle begins again.

***Oh HECK no...

In case you're wondering, those are bees. Gives me the creeps.

***Illegal immigrants crossing into south Texas in droves. The Democrats want amnesty, and they want to turn Texas blue. See the connection? California used to be a reliably red state, until amnesty after amnesty passed in Congress. That's what they're trying to do to Texas, and if they succeed, Republicans will never win another presidential race. Not hard to figure out.

***Crazy lightning tattoo.

A lightning tree tattoo was the left over mark after Winston Kemp was stuck by lighting during a spring storm. He didn’t even realize he was hit until the marks began to appear an hour later on his arm. He didn’t get any medical attention because he didn’t believe it was necessary and there was no immediate pain before or after.
The lightning tree affect can happen when an electrical charge is introduced to a conductive/insulating material such as glass, resin, and human skin.
After the lightning strike the marks were much more colorful but faded after a few days. He assumed they would disappear over time, but they have stayed the same shade for several months.

***Great post at Focus on the Family:

Who's The Better Christian?

Let’s try to guess which of these two men is doing more to expand the Kingdom of God.
 We’ll call the first guy Kevin. Kevin gets up every morning at 5:30 a.m. and gets ready for a long commute into his downtown office where he works in middle management in the banking industry. He works hard because he has a family to support: a wife, three kids and a dog.
Calvin is our second guy – “Pastor C,” as the kids in youth group call him. Calvin’s days working at an inner-city church are filled with mentoring young people, counseling them through their problems, and coming up with interesting ways to reach their hearts with the Word of God.
I think a lot of people would read those two short descriptions and automatically pick Calvin as the better “servant.” I can see why – from what we read, Calvin’s whole life is dedicated to his faith.
But think again.
As believers, we need to get past the mentality that the only way to serve God completely is to go into ministry.
Serving God isn’t a race where those in full-time ministry get a head start. It’s about being faithful to shine our light wherever it is God’s called us to be. It’s about knowing that, whether God has planted us in a ministry or a “secular” environment, we can be faithful witnesses to Him.
We need people to work in churches and para-church organizations like Focus on the Family and the local soup kitchen.
But we also need faithful Christians to lead in areas like medicine, academics, finance, media, and the creative arts. God bless the bold believers who live out their faith intentionally in these areas! God can use them to forge relationships and reach people who otherwise wouldn’t darken the door of a church.

***Another big to-do tomorrow, this time for Peter's (Emily's husband) birthday! I'll be working, cleaning, and cooking today. We're supposed to have a very nice weekend weather-wise, so hopefully we'll be able to set up the cornhole set and have some fun with it!


***When they call the roll in the Senate, the Senators do not know whether to answer 'Present' or 'Not guilty.' ~~ Theodore Roosevelt

***Have a great day!

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  1. It is really The Progressive Movement, albeit mostly enrolled Democrats, that is destroying the nation. The Democrat Party still contains millions of Americans who are not looking to change our system from capitalist to socialist. Most of them became Independents to separate themselves from the Democrat stigma.

    As for illegal immigration, you are exactly right. California fell, and if Texas falls, it is over. I usually present my college students with the following scenario: Communist China has nearly two billion citizens. The United States has just over 300 million. If we opened our borders and allowed 700 million Chinese citizens in, which country would we be - USA or China? In the sane days, there was a logic to immigration. When people desire to leave their own country to emigrate here because they want to become Americans, we have a different outcome. They build upon our nation by bringing their own talents into our culture. Today, millions come here only because they want what we have, and they bring us nothing. This is highly destructive.